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Shane Bugbee Interview

The Gauntlet caught up with Shane Bugbee, Director of the controversial first Satanic porn, Club Satan, to find out how this final taboo in porn was finally realized.

The Gauntlet: What has been going on with 'Club Satan'?

Shane: The movie is not out yet, but it will be out March 21st. We are having a big release party on March 23rd at Club Hell. It has been a very interesting time trying to promote it among the metal scene. It has been weird how a few metal heads have reacted to it. I guess I should not be shocked because the internet is so full of ignorant people.

The Gauntlet: So you weren't expecting this sort of resistance to a satanic porn?

Shane: I was expecting it, just not from the metal community. It just shows their ignorance as they haven't seen it and they don't know what is going on. But that doesn't stop them from saying how metal doesn't belong in porn and how Satan doesn't belong in porn. Matt 'The Lord' Zane is the executive producer on this movie and was instrumental in making it happen. We thought the time has come. We wanted porn for us, the satanists and metal heads. This is also black metal porn which has inspired other black metal porns. I have heard through certain channels that they rushed their production as they heard ours was coming out. So they rushed it before they had any distribution. So that is proof to me that what Matt and I were thinking is true. I have had a handful of offers from other porn companies to make another Satanic porn. I wasn't expecting a metal community that has embraced the likes of Slayer, Dark Funeral, and Venom and other great Satanic metal bands to support this. I am surprised that they can't see the sexuality in black metal. Maybe they aren't meeting the right chicks. When you can find a girl that will fuck to a Venom song, you are in pure bliss. I have a wife, and what sucked me in about her, she had Slayer and the Mentors in her vinal collection. To not understand a band like Dark Funeral, their music is so intense for S&M and bondage.

The Gauntlet: I assume you are referring to a bunch of the detractors on Blabbermouth who are bashing the movie. A lot of them think you are just some kid doing it for shock value like this other so called black metal porn that popped up over night. What are your credentials to make the first true Satanic porn?

Shane: I am a priest of the Church of Satan. I have credentials way beyond that. I have put out books and comics. I put out a comic from a kid that was put in jail over his art called 'Boiled Angel'. People who consider this shocking are just plain stupid.

The Gauntlet: A lot of the people posting comments state they don't think metal should be in porn or they think Satanism is bad for metal.

Shane: That's fine, they should go make what they want. That is the problem, these people do nothing. They are stupid because they are just reacting to the word 'Satan'. To be shocked by anything like this shows their ignorance. Maybe this shock will inject some intelligence into them.

The Gauntlet: Any pure metal fan shouldn't be shocked by the word 'Satan'. Most metal bands, even the ones that deny it, have satanic beliefs, imagery, background, etc.

Shane: They use those words to provoke. Every indiviudule is provoked differently. Some girls like metal, and some are turned off to it. The word 'Satan' evokes different emotions in people. I may see a painting and think it is beautiful, you may see it and think it is ugly. I think the whole Satan doesn't belong in prono or in metal arguement is just so far left and shows people's ignorance. Metal and Satan go hand and hand like porn and fucking. Tell me that Stryper is better than slayer and i'll cut my head off right now. The new breed of satanic metal is pulverizing metal right now. Slayer is the god of all metal. I don't care that Tom Arraya has turned into a religious homo. The fact is so many people listen to Slayer. Those satanic lyrics just pump my fucking nads. I think the bigger problem is there is a maturity factor. A lot of these kids are just ignorant. My email box is flooded with positive emails from people who like what this movie is about and can't wait to see it. There is a common misconception about Satan and the Church of Satan. We are athiests and for the most part we don't believe in Satan. A lot of these kids are coming from a Christian background and that cancer is still in their head. They need to cut that cancer out to have a logical communication online. They are still their parents children. They need to grow the fuck up before they comment on something they know nothing about. I was the last guy brought into the Church of Satan by Lavey. We are argressive atheists with politics. We are greedy and we don't have a problem living for what we want and we take it. We also don't live life through guilt and we enjoy the pleasures of life. Fucking and sucking is cool to us. It is life and it is what it is. We don't believe in higher or lower powers. We also don't believe there is any evil, it is about living life to the fullest. That is why the best metal music revolves around Satan. Satanic music revolves around the pleasures of the flesh, the pleasures of life. When you write a metal song, you are practically writing with your cock. You are wrtiting about pussy. The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, they are all into pussy. They were living life like there was no tomorrow.

The Gauntlet: You make it sound like porn, Satanism, and metal go hand in hand. Why is this the first Satanic porn?

Shane: I wish I knew. I don't know why this is the last taboo in porn. I chalk it up to ignorance. I met Matt Zane like 10 years ago. I told him 6 years ago I wanted to do a Satanic porno. He told me no and it couldn't be done. Once Matt started working at Extreme Associates with Rob Black, there it could be done. Rob doesn't see a big deal in it. A few months ago, I was talking to Matt and he told me I should do the porn now. I told him I thought it couldn't be done and he said it can't, but with Rob Black and Extreme Associates it can, Rob will push that envelope. It is weird that you aren't supposed to combine Satan and porn. Satanism represents freedom and liberty balanced with responsibility for your actions. It represents what the forefathers laid down in the Constitution. Satanism is about doing what makes you happy and accepting responsibility. If you overeat and die from a heart attack, well atleast you had fun while you were here.

The Gauntlet: What about the timing of this release? It is coming out March 21 through Extreme Associates. This is also the final taboo in porn. Rob is up on Obsenity charges and will be beforethe Supreme Court next month.

Shane: There are actually two versions of Club Satan. There is the version Rob and Extreme will put out and the Director's Cut which is only available through . Rob let me have the freedom to do what I want. He also has the guidelines to do what is legal. It does sound insane that he is putting this porn out a month before going to court on obsenity charges. When I look at Rob's career, I don't know a lot about him, but it all seems like a lot of his work is a social commentary. I really believe he is giving people what they want. People buy his fucking product. He does have this sarcastic commentary there. Rob is a very smart person and not many people give him the credit for that. They do give him credit for being a cut-throat businessman though. My art medium is my life. My entire life is a painting and that is how I express myself. Rob is doing the same thing but porn is his medium. Larry Flynt was also a cut-throat businessman, but Larry Flynt was not creative. He is not an artist. He is just a fucking pig of a businessmam and I hate that guy. The prosecution will probably end up using Larry Flynt's words against Rob Black. The only thing Larry Flynt is a champion of is himself. People need to look at the entire body of work before forming an opinion. Look at Matt Zane, he gets a lot of shit because he is a good looking guy and all the girls want Matt so all the guys hate him. Rob and Matt are cousin's. They have some great genes in that family...that clan should be respected as geniouses. They are just brilliant. Matt is one of the smartest people I know. He is an arogant person, but that is just because he is around such ignorant people. People are missing out when they see him as a cock-rocker or poser.

The Gauntlet: One of the things you need in porn is sexiness. Is Club Satan wankable?

Shane: I think so. It was when I was filming. It is all relative though. Porn is in so many niches. I think people will key into the Satanic aspects. People will just get off by the shear blashphemy of the movie. Scenes like smashing a crucifix and pissing on the face of Jesus. But ofcourse I am going to say it is wankable. I am selling the movie. All I can judge this on is what I hear when I put my ear to the street. I made this for me, but secondly I appreciate any fans that communicate. On the set, there was a guy doing the lighting who has done some of the lighting for the biggest pornos. Paris Gables is getting fucked by all these guys and then pours a bucket of piss over her head. Then she pours a skull of unholy blood over her head. After it was all done, the lighting guy said it was one of the hottest things he had ever seen. I didn't think this oldtime porn guy even paid attention. He did say he could have done without the cumming on Jesus' head. That was a testament to the sexiness though.

The Gauntlet: I imagine that some of the pornstars weren't able to handle some of the imagery and actions in porn. Club Satan is breaking the final taboo in porn. Did any issues arise with and actor or actress not wanting to do a scene?

Shane: Oh yeah! We had one girl walk out in the middle of filming her scene. On the Director's Cut you'll see it on the behind the scenes. The nuns walked out on me. There was one scene with Satan and it was called the "Kiss of Shame." We were preparing for the scene and the guy playing Satan asked if he could fuck her. I told him Satan doesn't need to cum. He doesn't care as he can cum anytime he wants. The scene was about showing respect and submissiveness. He wanted to know why he couldn't still. I told him Satan in my eyes would have a penis like the guy in GWAR. Satan is hung to his ankle. I told him we can do a blow job but Satan needs to cum on Jesus. He looked over at me and said "Shane, you have gone too far." When Satan tells you that you have gone to far, you probably have.

The Gauntlet: You also incorporated some bands. I know Dark Funeral make an appearance in the movie.

Shane: Oh yeah! Dark Funeral star in the movie as Satan's Desciples. Matt Zane is also in the movie. He performs an actual Satanic Ritual. It is the first one filmed for public consumption since Anton LaVey 30 years ago. Dark Funeral are in a scene where they pull the character Lily into the Witches Sabbath and make her a bitch for Satan. Acheron is on the soundtrack, along with some other really good smaller bands. It is not all black metal though. We have the Fuck Emo's. They are my favorite alltime band. Electric Wizard is on the soundtrack also.

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    March 13, 2007

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