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New Society 1 Album Available For Free Download

Society 1 - Matt Zane The new Society 1 album "A Journey From Exile" has been made available as a free digital download at The band has decided to release the album for free after vocalist Lord Zane announced he would be unable to fulfill touring obligations due to a lingering neck injury. Within rehearsals it became apparent that touring for an extended period of time would cause to much damage to Zane's already aggravated physical condition. Zane sustained the injury in 2008 when setting a world record for body suspension where he hung for six hours with four metal hooks pierced through his upper back.

"I remember feeling as if something was burning from the base of my skull to the middle of my back on the left side after the suspension. I figured I just needed time to heal but about a month later I didn't feel that much better. I went to a few doctors and they told me I would barely be able to walk in three years. Since then I have undergone a multitude of therapies and I believed I was ready to get back out there and perform but unfortunately it's still to painful." explains Zane

The band agreed to go on hiatus and pursue other projects while Zane focused on his recovery.

"I didn't want to prevent my band members (Dirt Von Karloff -Bass, Presotn Nash -Drums, Billie Stevens -Guitar) from getting out there and doing what they love. All of us are still going to be involved in music but working separately makes more sense at the moment. I am going to continue to write, record music and shoot video's but performing live is something that is going to have to wait. I have began a new more aggressive therapy regimen and I'll see where it can get me in a few months. I love performing and fully plan to get back out there even if it means limited shows in the future."

A Journey From Exile is the bands first album of completely new music since 2005's The Sound That Ends Creation released by Earache Records. The direction of the music is more melodic and layered with harmonies opposed to the industrial influenced metal sounds usually associated with the band.

"Originally the album was only 10 tracks but another project drummer Preston Nash and I were working on with a classical cellist called Lotus Rising never fully materialized so we just decided to release the music that was finished from that collaboration on A Journey From Exile. What resulted was a very unique album with lush strings and screaming electric cello's weaving in and out of the songs."

Watch the album and tour promotional video that was created for A Journey Through Exile here.

"A Journey From Exile" Track Listing:

01. Breathe In Me - Featuring Tina Guo
02. Goodbye - Featuring Tina Guo
03. Salvation - Featuring Tina Guo
04. I Got You
05. Save Us - Featuring Tina Guo
06. Still Alive
07. Hard To See
08. She's Dead
09. Find Me
10. All My Pain
11. Scream Our Your Breath - Featuring Tina Guo
12. Open Cries
13. Pain And Torture
14. As You Go Down

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    November 08, 2011

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