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27,432 People Have No Taste In Music

Limp Bizkit Soundscan made it official today and Limp Bizkit came out the big winner for the week. The band's latest album Gold Cobra sold 27,432 units to take the #1 spot atop Billboard Top 200 charts! I realize there are still some people that listen to Limp Bizkit, every time I say something negative about Durst and co. they chime in defending their narcissistic leader in the comments below. The only thing I can take some comfort in is that the final week of June is one of the easier times to get in the Top 10 for Billboard as much of the music buying public is on vacation.

At this point, I can not tell if Durst wants to be a rapper with a rock band or a rocker who raps. No longer can you save face when your friends find a Limp Bizkit CD in your collection by saying 'I like Wes Borland, he makes the band.' Even his guitars on the new album are appalling. Then there is the band's new video for "Gold Cobra" which is more confusing than the album. It is a rap video PERIOD. Not even Durst in a Tap Out shirt can change my mind on this.

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    July 06, 2011

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