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LIMP BIZKIT To Milk Remaining Fan For Another Greatest Hits Album

Limp Bizkit Veteran nu-metal rockers LIMP BIZKIT have announced that they will be releasing a greatest hits package on July 19, 2011. Prior to making the world a better place and going on hiatus in 2005, the band also released a Greatest hits album titled "Greatest Hitz". See how clever they are, they continued the 'z' from 'Bizkit' into 'Hitz'. That Fred Durst is so smart! The new greatest hits album will be titled "Icon" and contain 11 tracks. The 2005 version contained the same 11 tracks plus an additional 6. I guess some of those songs weren't great hits after all. Maybe in another 5 years they won't have any hits and we will be done with this garbage.

1. Counterfeit
2. Faith
3. Nookie
4. Break Stuff
5. Re-Arranged
6. Take A Look Around
7. Rollin
8. My Way
9. Eat You Alive
10. Behind Blue Eyes
11. The Truth

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    June 02, 2011

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