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Død Beverte - "a lot of artists have it instilled that sales prove the better artist"

Død Beverte Last week, Colorado industrial metal artist Død Beverte announced he would be giving his music away for free. Having already given his previous release away a few weeks before it was released was a fairly bold move. "I've considered this route since I noticed a small amount of fans disliking my routines of exposure: a few people had told me I had 'sold out,' and I personally believe if a fan is willing to tell you something you should listen."

There have been others that have skirted the label before and taken the music direct to the fans, most notably Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. "I think a lot of artists have it instilled that sales prove the better artist, but by that logic pop and rap would be superior to metal. Music is fundamentally art, and art is supposed to be an emotional expression. I believe "hey you don't need to pay me, this is for you" gives the music a personal feel, and I believe artists all could break away from commercialism by accepting the more spiritual aspect of music. If they are worried about money, my advice to them would be to sell merch and tour often."

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    May 23, 2011

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