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Ministry Will Not Be Appearing at Chicago's Retrospectacle

Al Jourgensen Al Jourgensen (Ministry) and Sascha Konietzko (KMFDM) want fans to know that they and their respective bands will now be performing at the Wax Trax! Records "Retrospectacle" in Chicago next month.

This statement is being released in an effort to clarify the many concerns that have been expressed directly to us by our friends, fans, supporters and the media in regards to the Wax Trax! Records "Retrospectacle" being held in Chicago, IL, at the Metro on April 15 and 16, 2011.
We both wish to avoid any misunderstandings, miscommunication and misrepresentations regarding this event. To that effect we formally announce that the bands Ministry, KMFDM and Revolting Cocks will NOT be attending or performing at this event. Al Jourgensen was NEVER asked to participate, and Sascha Konietzko's (and KMFDM's) desire to participate and perform was DECLINED by the event organizers.

However, while we are both in no way associated with this event, we want to make it clear that we DO support the good works of the charity involved and honor the memory of Wax Trax! founders Jim Nash and Dannie Flesher.

Sincerely, AL JOURGENSEN, Founder & Leader of Ministry/RevCo (Revolting Cocks) and SASCHA KONIETZKO, Founder & Leader of KMFDM

Additionally please NOTE: The announcement that the film FIX: The Ministry Movie will be screened at the Chicago Music & Film Festival during the same time period as Retrospectacle is pre-mature and potentially false. Neither the proposed film nor the deals surrounding it have been finalized. For all official announcements and updates regarding FIX please refer to the 13th Planet Records Website ( or the Official Ministry Website (

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    March 06, 2011

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