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Who is California Wildebeest and why are they on Ozzfest?

With yesterday's set times announcement for this Saturday's Ozzfest in Devore, CA, many people were left wondering who California Wildebeest is. A quick check of their MySpace page reveals very little about the band. They have few friends, and not many people visit them (sounds like me in high school). Their songs are reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age and have very few plays, especially for a band that is about to be on one of the biggest stages this weekend. Yet this unsigned band is performing on the 2nd stage, after Skeletonwitch and Kataklysm and before Goatwore, three of my favorite bands. They sound nothing remotely close to an Ozzfest band or even a band that should be mixed in with these guys.

Turns out that band guitarist is none other than Mike Fleiss, creator of The Bachelor and also producer of an upcoming Black Sabbath horror series. The bands name is basically the jumping point for the series and it won't be about the band. Tony Iommi is scheduled to score the feature. The recently settled trademark lawsuit between Osbourne and Iommi over the Black Sabbath name cleared the way for the movie to move forward. With this being settled California Wildebeest got a 2nd stage spot on Ozzfest. Mike Fleiss is also involved with Jack Osbourne's Ozzy Osbourne documentary. Jack Osbourne runs the booking agency that just happened to land the deal to book this years Ozzfest (hooray for nepotism). So while you are watching non-metal California Wildebeest play, thank Osbourne family politics and nepotism for booking this band.

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    August 12, 2010

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