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Lebanese black metal band AYAT sign with MORIBUND

Ayat MORIBUND is extremely pleased to announce the signing of Lebanese duo AYAT. Absolutely the most insane and crazed band the label's heard in forever, AYAT's forthcoming Six Years of Dormant Hatred album is a nuclearblackmetalgoatpunk assault on everyone and everything, poetic in its depravity but unmindful of its consequences.

In a prepared statement, vocalist Filthy Fuck said the following: "Ayat wishes to inform you that the debut album Six Years of Dormant Hatred, a devastating red high tide of a little less than an hour, is now hot and ready and will be released and distributed via the Moribund Cult. Six years went by and the hatred was being warmed and brewed at almost human temperature in the most violent brothel around, the clashing point between the East and the West: the violently epileptic city of Beirut. Hell is right here. Six infinite years, larded god-figured swines praised on every roof, a succession of annihilative relentless wars, conspiring whispers late at night, murderous toothless gangs of children, psychotic mass murderers madly in love, schizophrenic militias deprived of sleep, black-eyed hysterical prostitutes, fascist officers cheering with champagne and reeling belly dancers on crack, wooden cases of smuggled alcohol pulled to the tops of minarets with ropes, a suicide in every cheap hotel room, an endless stream of martyrs, aspiring prophets tied to hospital beds, Muslim heroin junkies stuttering on their prayer rugs, dried cum on the walls, and the veins of the marble bulges once the sun strikes too hard.
"So yeah, this shit is not for everyone.
"You have been warned."
The release date for Six Years of Dormant Hatred has been set for July 29th. For more info, consult

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    April 24, 2008

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