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Sid Wilson wrote song for Paul Gray

Slipknot The Gauntlet conducted an exclusive interview with Sid Wilson (Slipknot, DJ Starscream) yesterday and brought up a very heavy and deep song that will appear on Sid's solo album due out later this year. Little did we know, the song was written for Slipknot bassist, Paul Gray, more than five years before his untimely death in May 2010. In the song, Sid plays a somber tune on the piano while trying to reach out to his friend who is lost in drug use:

Your life was a season
So hard to face
Your life was so easy
Till you took that taste

All you needed was that place
All you needed was that taste

We are all gonna miss you
When you leave this place

The Gauntlet: So it is you singing then? I thought it was but wasn't 100% sure as I have never heard you sing.

Sid: Yeah, I sing on it, I rap on it. There are also some guest spots too. The majority of what you hear is me. I wrote all the songs, music, produced, engineered. I had some help from my production team though. The single is produced by myself and A-Rock Impossible.

The Gauntlet: Which song is the single?

Sid: "Nervous Central".

The Gauntlet: That's a good track, more upbeat than some of the others. I really dug "Flat Lace". It is a very somber and emotionally heavy song.

Sid: Oh yeah.

The Gauntlet: I had to listen to that one five or six times and it really moved me.

Sid: I actually wrote that for Paul [Gray] about five or six years ago. Yeah...I don't want to get into it right now. The most I will say is that song was written for Paul.

The entire interview will be posted early next week on The Gauntlet.

You can hear the track "Flat Lace" on Sid's Myspace page or below.

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    July 02, 2010

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