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Linkin Park launch new iphone app

Linkin Park (2008 credit James Minchin) Two-time Grammy winning rock band LINKIN
PARK have announced the upcoming release of "LINKIN PARK 8-BIT REBELLION!,"
a groundbreaking game app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The trailer
for the game can be viewed here. For more information
(screen shots, overview, etc), click here .

Production on "LINKIN PARK 8-BIT REBELLION!" began more than a year ago,
when Linkin Park (vocalists Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington, drummer Rob
Bourdon, guitarist Brad Delson, DJ Joe Hahn and bassist Dave "Phoenix"
Farrell) partnered with game developer Artificial Life, Inc. (NASDAQ OTCBB:
ALIF) to create a heightened app experience for music fans and gamers alike.
The result is the first-ever massively multi-player app to be designed
around a music artist. The band (who appear as characters in the game) was
intimately involved in every aspect of the game: storylines, gameplay,
character design and music.

"It was a unique experience to work with Linkin Park to create one of the
most innovative mobile gaming experiences to date," says Artificial Life
CEO, Eberhard Schoneburg. "Our close co-operation with the band has led to a
cool and fun game play, a great design and a groundbreaking app that pushes
the limits of the iPhone gaming experience and sets new standards for music
based games. Throughout production the band worked closely with our
designers intimately contributing to the creative process for character
designs, in-game artwork, mission structure and, of course, the music in the
game! 8-Bit Rebellion helps fans get closer to the band by drawing them into
the virtual world that they have helped to create as well as providing their
global fan base with an exciting community experience. It's a must for all
Linkin Park fans."

"The collaborative process with Artificial Life was exceptional," says
Linkin Park vocalist Mike Shinoda, who worked with the game company to
design the characters and score the game. "They were able to turn my
sketches and our creative ideas into a living, breathing world that we think
gamers will thoroughly enjoy. This game is not just made for Linkin Park
fans--anyone will be able to play and enjoy "8-Bit Rebellion." My bandmates
and I grew up playing games like 'Metroid,' 'Donkey Kong,' 'Zelda,' 'Space
Invaders,' 'Mega Man¹ and 'Rygar.' We wanted this game to have the feel of a
vintage game, and a big part of it was the music."

Unlike other apps offering simple rhythm games, "LINKIN PARK 8-BIT
REBELLION!" plays like a full-on action-adventure game. Players must free
Linkin Park's idyllic 8-bit world from the clutches of the evil PixxelKorp,
whose corrupt agents have stolen the band's music. As members of the
rebellion, players will take on missions that lead them through several
unique districts in the game‹each district is themed after a different band
member. During their missions they will fight off the PixxelKorp forces,
hunt down the lost tracks and save the band from pending disaster to become
an 8-bit hero! Among its many highlights, the app features "Blackbirds," an
exclusive Linkin Park song that's unlocked upon completion of the game. This
is the first time an artist has released a brand-new song through a mobile
game app.

Says Shinoda, "We really liked the song and thought this would be a unique
way to give it to our fans."

The game also features original and 8-bit interpretations of some of Linkin
Park¹s greatest hits, including "New Divide," "One Step Closer," "In The
End," "Crawling," "QWERTY," "Hands Held High," "Faint," and "No More
Sorrow." This marks the first time that Linkin Park's music has been
reinterpreted using old-school video game sounds. The game, which also
includes original artwork by the band, opens with "One Step Closer" sounding
like it was coming out of a first-generation NES.

"LINKIN PARK 8-BIT REBELLION!" provides players with the ability to create
and outfit avatars by choosing from hundreds of different combinations. The
app's seamless integration of online features allows for a unique game
experience, in which players can embark on their own journey while meeting
and chatting with friends. The online community features IM chats, in-app
messaging, message boards, ranking other players and sending gifts. The game
also has an offline mode in which players can still complete missions and
buy new items in stores. This allows users without a stable internet
connection to play the game wherever they are. Once back online, they can
sync their scores, items and game progress onto the server and continue with
the game. Simply put, "LINKIN PARK 8-BIT REBELLION!" is the only app to ever
integrate gaming, social networking and news updates all in one.

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    March 30, 2010

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