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Opeth issues update

Opeth OPETH's Mikael Åkerfeldt has issued the following update:

"OK, good people, time for another boring post about some retarded little boy that thinks it's fun to pose like me and write 'fun' posts about new Opeth album titles etc.

To be honest, I'd be surprised if anyone actually believed it was a page run by me. It's so silly that it'd take an enormous amount of ignorance, or booze, to actually fall for this hoax. The page is a Twitter (which I've never even heard of) page and can be found here.

If you email this little cretin tell him to 'fuck off' from me please. But I'd rather you all just ignore him. Once again, the only page actually run by me in person is this one. I don't have Facebook, Twitter or anything else by those standards.

I just got back home from Gotland (original home for GRAVE and some Vikings too). It was nice but very rainy. Went with wife and kids and had a nice time despite the rainfall.

Other news, we'd been offered a support tour in the US by TOOL but we didn't get it this time, Hopefully in the future it might work out.

We're currently doing festivals during the weekends. The last one in Oslo/Norway was very nice. We almost had to pull out since a thunderstorm came by and almost tore the whole stage down, but it was fucking awesome in the end. Almost 'magic' for me personally. We've also done a bunch of Swedish ones and they've been cool.

Next up is one in Romania which will be fun, never been there before. Apparently the site is real close to the ruins of Castle Vlad Tepes (The dude on my shirt on the Roundhouse DVD), and we'll all try and make it over there of course...

It's kinda late and I have to go to bed, knackered..."

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    July 09, 2009

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