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OPETH Mainman Mikael Åkerfeldt issues update

Opeth OPETH's Mikael Åkerfeldt has issued the following update:

Bruised and broken for heavy metal!
Hey guys!

"Just a little ramble about the Norwegian tour we just completed.

Can you believe this thing was backed up by Rikskonserter? Which is basically what I understand a company financed directly by the government. Fantastic! We had a blast, did 8 shows and all of them went well.

Apparently it was one of the most successful tours in the history of Rikskonserter which is saying quite a lot. Oslo was amazing. We had IHSAHN come play with us and he was amazing! His first show. I know he was a little nervous but I couldn't tell. He did great.

Bergen completely killed! Awesome crowd! Had a little bar run with Grutle from ENSLAVED and King from GORGOROTH. We all got a bit wasted and Fred disappeared....

We're also invited for dinner at Oyvinds, our soundman, parents house. They treated us to a fantastic meal, the whole crew, including our driver. Rakefisk and some lamb...oh, and lots of aquavit. This stuff is a typical Scandi schnapps...and we had our fair share of it. In fact we had so many that me and Axe started fighting, I started arguing with Fred and we all went to bed piss drunk and woke up with massive hangovers.

My arms was, and still is, completely bruised from Axe, or should I say Erik, hitting it relentlessly. He was completely out of it, but then again, so were the rest of us. Either way, we had a great night.

OK, gotta mention this. You know I'm a record collector right? Now, I'm after a original Lp pressing of a Norwegian guy called Freddy Lindquist. The album is called "Menu" and came out in 1970 on a label called Flower I think. It has a nude lady on the cover. If anyone should happen to find it, maybe have parents who bought it when it came out, or just stumble upon it. Let me know. I want it, I NEED IT!

After Norway we came back home for one (!) day, and then we had to fly to Poland for a sold out show in Warszawa. I'm in my room at the Sheraton here as I'm typing this and we played last night. Amazing! One of the best crowds we've had. It was a little bit of a magic show to us. Thank YOU Warszawa!!!

Catching a flight back home in a few hours. Can't wait to come back home.
Obviously next for us is Mexico and then down to South America. Wow! Finally! Will be awesome, I have no doubts!

OK people...take it easy, and talk to ya soon..kinda."

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    March 22, 2009

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