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Wayne Static of Static-x issues update

Static-x Wayne Static of STATIC-X has issued the following update:

"I am excited to announce our new CD, entitled 'Cult of Static', will be released on March 17.

"I started writing a year ago in January 2008 after coming home from the long tour for 'Cannibal'.

"The past year has been quite a blur; between writing and recording the new CD and releasing the 'Cannibal Killers Live' DVD, I've kept very busy.

"I know you are all going to love this new record. It has everything you have come to expect from STATIC-X... and more. This is the most epic record we've ever made, it has the most crushing guitar tone I've ever had, and we even got Dave Mustaine of MEGADETH to play a guitar solo on a new version of the song 'Lunatic' [which originally appeared on the soundtrack release to 'Punisher: War Zone']. Tony, Koichi, Nick, and myself put everything we had into recording this CD.

"I can hardly believe it's been a decade since the release of our first CD, 'Wisconsin Death Trip', and we're still going strong, thanks to all of you!

"The title 'Cult of Static' is meant to be a big thank-you to everyone who has supported us through the years.

"I'm looking forward to seeing you all on the upcoming world tour."

A national tour in support of "Cult of Static" will commence in early April.

"Love Dump", the new video from STATIC-X, can be viewed below. The clip comes off group's new DVD and CD, "Cannibal Killers Live", which was released on October 14, 2008 via Reprise Records. The DVD was shot during a show in Spokane, Washington on June 2, 2007, shortly after the release of the band's latest studio album, "Cannibal". The 17-song set compiled from the tour includes material from STATIC-X's entire 14-year career, showcasing old favorites like "Push It" and "Bled For Days", along with newer songs from "Cannibal", like the album single "Destroyer" and everything in between. A complete video history is also included in the special package, with every video STATIC-X has ever made, along with an audio CD of the concert (track listing below). In addition, a limited-edition package was released that includes a bonus DVD featuring the band's 1997 concert at Hollywood's famous Whiskey A Go-Go club, which was recorded two years prior to the release of STATIC-X's platinum-selling debut "Wisconsin Death Trip".

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    January 07, 2009

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