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New RevCo Release Date, Jourgensen to Stick Around

Revolting Cocks (RevCo) founding member Alien Jourgensen is clearing up, once and for all, the rumors surrounding RevCo's future. "Much like Menudo does or the Blue Man Group, I was going to hand the band over to this younger generation of RevCo's, to Sin [Quirin/guitars], Josh [Bradford/vocals] and Clayton [Worbeck/keyboards], kind of franchise it out. I think that these three knuckleheads capture the true essence and spirit of being 'a Revolting Cock,' if you will. But, this album turned out so damned good, I think I'm going to stick around for a while.

"This is the best RevCo album I've ever done," Al continued. "As a matter of fact, I think this is the best album - including Ministry, Pailhead, Lard - anything I've ever done, period. Production-wise, song-wise, I'm really, really happy with this record. It's the first CD I've ever gotten back from the mastering studio that I didn't have anything to bitch about. No complaints. I listened to the whole thing and just went, 'OK, that's a wrap. Let's go'!"

Now that "Sex-O Olympic-O" is in the can, Jourgensen and his "knuckleheads" plan to begin tracking yet another RevCo release in September at Jourgensen's 13th Planet Studios in El Paso, TX. As he did with "Sex-O," Jourgensen will produce this next release as well as be involved in writing and playing on the album. RevCo will then initiate rehearsals for the upcoming RevCo World Tour, scheduled to begin in April 2009. While Jourgensen won't claim a bunk on RevCo's tour bus for the duration of the trek, he does plan to perform with the band on a few choice dates.

States Bradford, "The challenge will be coming up with a name for the RevCo tour, since Al already took all of the RevCo-appropriate tour names such as CliTour, Sphinctour, FornicaTour, and MasterBaTouR for Ministry. We'll probably have a contest on the RevCo MySpace site and ask the fans."

In addition to working with Jourgensen in the studio on his sophomore release with the RevCo project, Bradford is busy producing RevCo TV, a direct-to-internet, weekly YouTube TV broadcast to be implemented in the Fall. RevCo TV will feature new RevCo trax, in-studio footage and will parlay all the RevCo antics as the band records and prepares for its World Tour.

"Sex-O Olympic-O" retains the unmistakable RevCo industrial-dance-metal sound, and sees Quirin, Bradford and Worbeck let first-wave glam rock seep into their already rich sound. Case in point, the soon-to-be quirky anthem (and first single from the album), "I'm Not Gay," which debuted on Ministry's 2008 C U LaTouR" live shows and is now a solid staple on MySpace and Facebook homepages around the world.

Tracks such as "Hookerbot 3000" and "The Red Parrot" show evidence that RevCo's affection for frequenting strip clubs has certainly rubbed off on them musically, as many of the songs sound like a custom-made soundtrack for strippers worldwide to strut their stuff to. But if you dig deep into the lyrics, you'll be afforded a direct look into the warped and twisted mind of Bradford. "Josh recorded a lot of these vocals in his apartment, really thin walls with no soundproofing," points out Worbeck. "He was tracking in the middle of the night with headphones on, yelling at the top of his lungs these bizarre phrases that are in the song. If you think about it, his neighbors weren't hearing music, all they were hearing was him yelling these strange lyrics. His neighbors must think he's insane."

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    August 18, 2008

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