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Metal Church preach about This Present Wasteland

Metal Church Celebrated as one of the most outstanding metal talents of today, Metal Church was founded in the early eighties in Seattle, WA. In 1984 they released their debut album Metal Church. The album was hailed by the critics: "The band's amazing musicality is an absolute highlight in itself. This album will always be known as a classic of American straight-ahead heavy metal." The strong praise of Metal Church continued two years later with their next release The Dark.

After the release of The Dark, Metal Church underwent the first of several line-up changes. Frontman David Wayne left the group and was replaced by former Heretic vocalist Mike Howe. Reinforced by Howe and John Marshall (guitar), the riffs became heavier and the lyrics became more ambitious with a number of songs on Blessing in Disguise and The Human Factor dealing with burning political and social issues.

The nineties saw the Metal Church members pursue different and more personal directions. As the decade was coming to an end, 1999 brought about the highly anticipated reunion of the original Metal Church lineup, as well as the release of the album Masterpeace. The release of Masterpeace was followed by appearances at numerous festivals worldwide.

The arrival of The Weight of the World album in 2004 introduced Metal Church's new singer Ronny Munroe to the public. Respectfully characterized by the music press as "Rob Halford meets Dio," Munroe immediately catapulted the band to a new level in terms of vocals and content.

Metal Church continues to be a thoroughly positive band, which you can hear on their new album This Present Wasteland, being released through SPV/Steamhammer on September 23rd. With their new album: This Present Wasteland, Metal Church makes a true return to form with some of their strongest material in years.

Track Listing
1) In the Company of Sorrow
2) Perfect Crime
3) Deeds of a Dead Soul
4) Meet Your Maker
5) Monster
6) Crawling to Extinction
7) War Never Won
8) Mass Hysteria
9) Breathe Again
10) Congregation

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    August 08, 2008

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