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Down have 6 new songs ready for an EP

Down Down frontman Phil Anselmo has issued the following update:

Well, once again it's been TOO long since I last contacted all of you—but here it is!

We've been hammering Europe to pieces as of late, & today is our last of 4 shows in Gothenberg Sweden. Two shows earlier we were in Germany, which was a blast (awesome crowds!). When we played Hamburg, as a boxing journalist/enthusiast, I snuck away on the day off there & hung out with the World Heavyweight Champion Wladimir Klitchko & his trainer Emanuel Steward for the day and into the evening! What a blast!

That experience itself has me so fucking pumped up for the upcoming 5 Metallica shows, that take DOWN to uncharted territory for us like Latvia, Bulgaria, & Istanbul, Turkey. Unbelievably Down ends the tour by playing Tel Aviv, Israel on our own. We come in peace! (Let's hope we make it out of there in one piece!).

***ALSO!!! –We've been fucking around with some new material, & we've got enough material already recorded (at least 6 new songs) as well as some unreleased stuff from the OVER THE UNDER sessions. It's definitely enough for an awesome EP, with some surprises within.

We are dying to get back home to the US & do some touring! There's WAY too many cities we haven't hit, and the big cities NEED to have another jam session with us. It's coming… I promise! We're in the process of putting a tour together as I write, so be ready when the time comes.

Until the next time, on behalf of DOWN

— Philip H. Anselmo

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    July 24, 2008

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