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GENITORTURERS Frontwoman Comments On DAVID VINCENT's Arrest

Morbid Angel Frontwoman Gen of GENITORTURERS — which also features MORBID ANGEL frontman David "Evil D" Vincent on bass — has issued the following update:

"I received an interesting call from our bassist Evil D, aka David Vincent, today from Italy. D is currently over in Europe on tour with his other band MORBID ANGEL. They had just flown in from a big festival in Slovenia to Italy where they were connecting to go to play in Athens, Greece. Apparently the officials at the airport confiscated David's checked luggage and arrested him on 'weapons' charges due one of his stage costume pieces… essentially a bullet belt…. that IS NOT even made of real bullets!!!

"Needless to say, he was arrested, jailed and had to obtain a lawyer in order to be released... which thankfully he was in time to make his flight to Athens. So, YES, he will be at the festival tomorrow in Athens, Greece.

"Recently with GENITORTURERS I had a similar incident when we were flying back from our Australian tour. I had bought what I thought was a pretty fuckin cool-ass 'Bling' belt buckle that was essentially in the shape of a gun… with bling diamonds all over it. I mean, seriously. She asked me, 'Can you tell me about the weapon in your suitcase?' And I was thinking, 'My riding crop? Um, my whip? My strap-on? What the hell is she talking about??' The belt was in my carry-on and the airport screener actually getting ready to arrest me as well until a more clear-headed supervisor came over and took one look at the belt and laughed."

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    July 08, 2008

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