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This weeks Metal Diva: Jani Lane

Warrant (2008) With fans clamoring for anything 80's to play with it's original lineup, Warrant, specifically Jani Lane, has completely let down fans. At the bands reunion stop in Las Vegas over the weekend, Jani Lane showed up quite intoxicated according to fans. "Jerry [Dixon] and Steven [Sweet] were visibly upset with Jani's condition and appeared to not want anything to do with him" stated a Gauntlet reader.

Fans were treated to frontman that looked all but professional on stage. "His [Jani Lane] hands were shaking really badly while holding the microphone and he forgot many of the lyrics." I realize that it's been a long time since you last performed with the guys, but try to bone up on the material before making an ass of yourself. The footage we have seen on Youtube sounds like he is out of key and more than a 1/2 step behind the rest of the band.

You can check out some fan filmed footage below.

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    July 07, 2008

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