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DESIGN THE SKYLINE Members Address All The Hate Directed At Them

Victory records has posted a snippet from a promotional interview with their new band DESIGN THE SKYLINE. The band is responding to the hate that has been unlessed upon them on youtube and their facebook with many people questioning what "Victory Records was thinking when they signed this generic -core crap." In the interview, the band addresses a lot of the hate that the 'trolls' have bestowed upon them. As I don't know their names, nor do I care to learn them, we will call them "Guy With Tat" and "Guy in JFAC shirt."

During the chat, Guy in JFAC Shirt stated "we just want to encourage anyone that is different and anyone that is original and creative to keep doing what they are doing and looking the way they look and never take anything to heart." As he was saying this, Guy With Tat began fixing his hair because he does care about his image...just like the rest of the guys in the band.

Check out the interview below and their latest video here. Notice the video has 2,477 likes, and 18,088 dislikes.

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    August 17, 2011

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