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Adelitas Way Vocalist Comments On Catching Fire At Video Shoot

Las Vegas hardrockers Adelitas Way recently released its new music video for the song 'Sick' off the bands upcoming album "Home School Valedictorian." But like much of Adelitas Way, the video shoot was filled with more than enough surprises. Vocalist Rick DeJesus commented to The Gauntlet "Shooting our video was crazy. We shot at like two in the morning and had blocked off an entire road so we could film in a tunnel in Los Anegeles, CA. We were being watched like hawks by park rangers who repeatedly threatened to shut us down every chance they got. Whether it was for drinking on the shoot or just being reckless, the ranger was on our ass. I wish he would have been more on top of things when my hair and eyebrows caught fire. The set was filled with flames and I was rocking out and got to close to them. The whole set smelled like burned perm but we kept rocking.

"We also got into trouble for trashing our gear with fire and water, but all is fair in rocking out for a video and sometimes shit breaks.

"We had some great special guests come down while filming. From producer Dave Bassett to the amazing Angelica. Also had our friends from Roadrunner Records artists, Taking Dawn stop by. We had a fucking blast and kicked some ass when it was crunch time. Overall it was a surreal experience. We broke shit, got drunk, shut down traffic and got set on fire. Sounds like a party to me."

Adelitas Way will release "Home School Valedictorian" via Virgin Records on June 7. You can check out the video for 'Sick' below.

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    May 13, 2011

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