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The Gauntlet banned from Ozzfest but still planning live coverage

Ozzfest (2006) The Gauntlet was planning on bringing you some of the best coverage, interviews with bands, photos, and reports from Ozzfest today in San Bernardino, CA. Turns out Ozzy's camp was not liking how I have brought up charges of nepotism in the Ozzfest camp, along with pointing out that album sales for "Scream" have been the lowest of any Ozzy release while other metal artists are posting the best sales of their career. But the show must go on. I have been warned to stay away...far far away from the venue today. Yet I live 3 miles from the venue so I am not sure if that is far enough away.

The San Manuel Gaming Pavilion as the venue is now called is run by a gaming tribe as the county was having problems with the upkeep due to budget cuts. Turns out I know people who are good friends with the elders of the tribe and I am now back into Ozzfest with higher level of access than before. I was also give a pair of pit tickets by a sponsor of Ozzfest but I won't be able to use them as I need to keep my laptop with me today to bring you the latest coverage.

Once the show starts around noon PST, I will start a new post that will contain all the Ozzfest coverage, photos, etc. One word of warning, the photos will be a bit rough as I don't have press credentials now. But I do have access to get to Ozzy's RV so maybe I'll pay him a visit. Never know what is going to happen today as I will have to be pretty stealthy, but it should be fun.

Be sure to follow us on twitter as I'll be tweeting some stuff I think if I don't have good wi-fi from some locations.

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    August 14, 2010

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