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Dark Funeral video removed from Myspace

Dark Funeral After nearly 30,000 views, the full and uncensored version of the brand new video from DARK FUNERAL called 'My Funeral' has been pulled from MySpace. An alternate, censored, version of the video will be added during the day at You can view the uncensored version below.

Lord Ahriman comments: "So, it took about three days, and from what I have been told, 30,000 views, for MySpace to pull our new majestic video for 'My Funeral'. That's fucking lame to say the least! Even though I respect MySpace and their rules, I'm totally against censorship. The way I see it, and as long as it's not illegal (and there sure wasn't anything illegal in the video), if you find something on the internet you don't like, just don't fucking watch it! How hard can it be? Let everyone else who enjoy it do so without your interfering. Either way, whoever flagged it should know that you just did us a great, great favor, thank you! Now people will hunt the uncensored version and I'm absolutely sure that you're pathetic action will increase the plays with thousands of thousands of views. So once again, thank you, but fuck you! I hope the rest of you enjoy our new tune and video anyway! Let them hate us as long as they fear us!"

The uncensored version of 'My Funeral' is still available below:

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    October 07, 2009

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