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HANGING GARDEN To Release "Into That Good Night"
Scarecrow is a Finnish band that plays horrorpunk with metal and hardcore influences
DRUADAN FOREST Dismal Spells From the Dragonrealm
Sadokist whips you into satanic shape
Primogenorum Ye Last Ordeal
ORANSSI PAZUZU Announces Additional Dates To North American Fall Tour With Insect Ark
Rottendawn will bring you hell
Blooming Carrions' newest album is breaking down walls
DRUADAN FOREST will rock you
Doom/death act "RottenDawn" debuts "Zero Lives Left"
ORANSSI PAZUZU Prepares For Psycho Las Vegas And One-Off Los Angeles Performance In August
AND OCEANS Resign to Season of Mist
Finland's "AS I MAY" releasing their sophomore album "My Own Creations" via Rockshots Records for worldwide release on July 26th
Aquatic electro meets Düsseldorf School as Finnish synth rockers help you get funked up!
CONCRETE WINDS brings winds of change with "Primitive Force"
CELESTIAL GRAVE's highly anticipated debut album "Secular Flesh" is here for your listening pleasure
Feel MALUM's satanic melodies with new desecration "Legion"
Nattfog will knock the s..t out of you with their newest jam "Pohjan Porteilta"
Kehro "Urdiala"
Cleaning Women "Intersubjectivity"
Interstellar Duo NEORHYTHM Release Cover of Death's "Crystal Mountain"
SCUMRIPPER reveal first track from HELLS HEADBANGERS debut
Steel Mammoth "Poison Abyss "
Debut Album By Trees RELEASE 7 December 2018
Sacrificium Carmen Hermetica Saturnal 16 November 2018
Vuohi Witchcraft Warfare Saturnal 9 November 2018
KYPRIAN'S CIRCLE Noitatulen vartija (MCD, 12" MLP) Re-Issue - a Black Metal Classic
Morgul to Drop Self Titled MLP Nov 30 2018
Finland's MALUM announce Feb 16th release of 'Night Of The Luciferian Light'
Iron Griffin's self-titled debut is out now!
Blood Region pay tribute to veterans!
AMBERIAN DAWN Premiere First Lyric Video Off Of Upcoming Album
Finnish Melodic Death Metal band Dimman released their EP!
Funeralglade released their debut EP!
Crimfall announces Aug 25th release of "Amain"



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