Augury Interview

Band Name: Augury
Interviewed: Patrick
Date: 2009-08-03

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The Gauntlet: The new Augury album, Fragmentary Evidence drops soon via .

Patrick: Yeah. It is already out in Europe. Here it will be out Aug 11. We will be playing a big show for our release party in Montreal. The album is out on Nuclear Blast as you mentioned. It is a kind of summit for us. For me I have spent 20 years of working and playing in small bands. It is kinda a release now.

The Gauntlet: Has the band played Europe yet?

Patrick: Not yet. We have played some very long distance shows in Canada and played coast-to-coast like three times here. We will be playing some dates in the US and Canada on our upcoming tour with Vader. This will be our second tour with Vader. The great thing about touring with them is I am not the oldest person on the tour. Usually everyone is younger than me. Peter from Vader is like 45 so I am no longer the grandpa of the tour.

The Gauntlet: What does the album title allude to?

Patrick: My main source of writing inspirations comes from stuff like secret societies, the Bermuda Triangle, shadow governments, and aliens, whatever. The lyrics are the plausible elements from the different legends and areas where people are remote from each other. It is like a conclusion of the conspiracy theories. It is as fiction and not as I am a believer. There are elements that are believable but no solid evidence. It is all shattered into fragmentary evidence.

The Gauntlet: It sounds like you are interested in the topic, but not a believer?

Patrick: I am a believer in it and I am writing a book about it. I also teach history and science in high school and have access to the material. I am a conspiracy theorist in the academic sense. I weigh all the evidence scientifically. I am not a firm believer though. There are a lot of theories that are contradictory. I look for the plausible elements in each and what to throw away because it is mumbo jumbo.

The Gauntlet: Right now the big talk is the Mayan Calendar and the end of the world in 2012. Obviously there are some factual things and some that are mumbo jumbo.

Patrick: The problem is, when the Mayan calendar was started, they weren't familiar with our own so how could they synchronize it? There might be a polar shift that kills off a lot of civilizations. What could happen is all the scientists die and the humans that will be able to survive are the most primitive. They are the ones that will survive as they can hit two stones together. These survivors will have vivid memories, but two generations later they will be mere legends. We will just have hunters and gatherers fighting over a rotting carcass of an elk. Once science restarts, it will take a lot of time. When they find our remains, they will laugh at us. All our knowledge is on paper and plastic. We no longer engrave our information on stone or in caves. There will be no proof we were intelligent. They might think we just made big blocks of concrete. Nature resets everything pretty quick.

The Gauntlet: Does Canada have good conspiracy theories?

Patrick: Oh yeah. The Brownsman are like the Illuminati. We have the highest number of UFO sightings also near the Yukon. I checked the police records with the Canadian police and 98% of all UFO sightings in Canada in the 90's occurred near the Yukon. I think I know where my next fly-fishing trip is.

The Gauntlet: Back to the album. The songs on the album are quite technical and have some length to them. The album clocks in at almost an hour.

Patrick: We don't write long songs on purpose. We just don't cut parts of the songs out. Nuclear Blast was extremely respectful and didn't want us to cut anything. They really took the band and published us as is. Some other labels like to take control and have bands change members and dress a certain way. I don't need that, I am 39 years old. We have ten minute songs and that wasn't a problem. On the other hand, some bands out there try to lengthen the songs and this is no better. They start adding filler.

The Gauntlet: The song 'Jupiter To Ignite', did you cut anything out of that? It is a ten minute song and pretty intense.

Patrick: We tried to subtract from this song as it took so long to record. You need to use a square root to understand our time signatures. It was a big intellectual challenge for me to do this song. Our bass player wrote it and he was out of his mind. There are some songs that I think are simple by the bands standards but others think they are difficult. We have been playing for so long so it makes it easy for people to listen to. I have played metal for like 23 years in all forms, except glam.

The Gauntlet: What do you have against glam?

Patrick: I don't like it because in the 80's I wanted to do the music I am playing now. People told me I needed big hair and spandex and that if I played speed metal my music would cease to exist. People were selling this to me since 1984. Now they can't tell that to me anymore.

The Gauntlet: Will you play Jupiter's live?

Patrick: Probably not. We might play 'Oversee the Rebirth', atleast the first part. We try to keep our songs under a certain length when we play live for the sake of keeping things in tune and so I still have breathe in my lungs. I play guitar and sing at the same time. I am barely able to drink water, re-tune my guitar and wipe the sweat during the shorter songs.

The Gauntlet: Will the God Dethroned tour be your first in the US?

Patrick: It will be our maiden voyage in the United States. We leave in late September to late October, and then we have another tour with Vader that is a bit longer. Most of that is in the United States and a few in Canada. It will be cool, there are a bunch of nice people on the road with us.