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Posted on April 18 2019

Get wickedly weird with Gaahls WYRD's newest joint

Norwegian extreme metal greats Gaahls WYRD have shared a video for the song "Carving the Voices".


Posted on April 17 2019


Metal's most bewitching lead singer Tamara Amedov brings us, the unworthy, the newest release “ENIGMA FIRE” from VISIONATICA.


Posted on March 22 2019


BLOOD HARVEST RECORDS and HELTER SKELTER PRODUCTIONS are proud to present a brand-new EP from ECTOVOID titled Inner Death on 7" vinyl and cassette tape formats. ffo-Crematory Stench,Noctambulist,Faceless Burial


Posted on March 22 2019

Cosmic Death Entity SXUPERION

Cosmic Death Entity SXUPERION to Release 'Endless Spiritual Embodiment' May 3 on Bloody Mountain Records FFO- Abominator,Devilish Impressions,Immortal Bird


Posted on March 22 2019

Gaahls WYRD Premieres New Song,

Norwegian extreme metal formation Gaahls WYRD, fronted by renowned vocalist Gaahl (GORGOROTH, WARDRUNA, GOD SEED) have partnered up with Loudwire to premiere "From the Spear," the second single from their forthcoming album, 'GastiR - Ghosts Invited.'


Posted on March 21 2019


The Satanic Temple has slowly grown threw trudging determination and amazing conviction to protect liberty.


Posted on March 20 2019

Lost Dog Street Band "Weight of a trigger"

LOST DOG STREET BAND: PopMatters Premieres "War Inside Of Me" Video By Dark Country Act; Weight Of A Trigger LP Nears Release Via Anti-Corporate Music


Posted on March 20 2019


DEAD TO A DYING WORLD Premieres "Empty Hands, Hollow Hymns" At Invisible Oranges As Elegy LP Nears Release Through Profound Lore FFO- Bongzilla, Wolfbrigade, Indian, Pig Destroyer, Gadget, Cirith Ungol, Thou, Spirit Adrift


Posted on March 20 2019

Hellish Grave Hell No Longer Awaits

Today, Helldprod Records announces May 31st as the international release date for Hellish Grave's highly anticipated second album, Hell No Longer Awaits. FOR FANZ OF- Violator, The Force, Attomica,Krisiun, Ratos de Porão (RDP), and Torture Squad


Posted on March 20 2019

SHABTI "Tembling and Shorn"

Portland, Maine-based extreme black/thrash metal trio SHABTI prepares to release their crushing Trembling And Shorn full-length in cooperation with Last Mercy Emissions next week, as the band's Northeastern US tour with Churchburn takes off. With the record days from release, Heavy Blog Is Heavy is hosting the premiere of the track "Seven Billion Souls."


Posted on March 20 2019


LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE To Release New Album "Bleeding The Stars" in July 2019! - New album BLEEDING THE STARS out on July 26th 2019 -


Posted on March 19 2019

Whitesnake "Flesh & Blood"

Whitesnake Unleash New Single “Trouble Is Your Middle Name”


Posted on March 19 2019


GOLD returns with their fourth - and finest - album, Why Aren’t You Laughing?, due out via Artoffact Records on April 5th, 2019. The Dutch ensemble marry hypnotic gothic vibes with soulful heavy rock, overlaid with atmospheric, often dream-like vocals.


Posted on March 19 2019

Guitarist Frankie C.

Frankie Caracci, known for his guitar work in Canadian symphonic death metal band Vesperia, has been simmering a side project entitled "Cellular Damascus" and is now ready to give listeners around the world a taste of what he’s been doing on March 13, 2019 FFO- Vesperia,Jeff Loomis, Joe Satriani, Jason Becker, and Michael Romeo


Posted on March 19 2019

MARTYRDÖD Hexhammaren

Swedish crust metal punks MARTYRDÖD have released "Cashless Society," the first single from their impending seventh studio album, Hexhammaren, which is set for release through Southern Lord on May 10th in North America. FOR FANS OF=Soft Kill and Wiegedood,Skeletonwitch ,Portrayal Of Guilt, Devil Master


Posted on March 19 2019

Helion Prime "Terror Of The Cybernetic Space Monster"

Power metallers Helion Prime have just released a guitar playthrough video of "The Human Condition" off "Terror Of The Cybernetic Space Monster", which was released in 2018 via AFM Records. Jason Ashcraft and Chad Anderson show off their writing and playing prowess in this video for one of their personal favorite tracks: “We are excited to release our first guitar playthrough. This video was a lot of fun to make and we promise Jason is having a good time despite looking bored at times. The Human Condition is one of our personal favorite tracks off the new album and was actually the first song we finished 100% for the album. It's packed with a lot of killer riffs and just right for a playthrough video." ffo-Mob Rules,Lords of the Trident,Diabolos Dust,Unleash the Archers, Iron Maiden and Helloween.

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