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Posted on February 15 2019


While Slayer is heading out to the next stop on their farewell tour Super 7, the toy maker, has come out with a "Show no Mercy" demon action figure off of the cover of the historic album.


Posted on February 01 2019

Genuflexión Apoteosis Fallida

Genuflexión Apoteosis Fallida Handful of Hate 22 December 2018 The closing of the year 2018 won't be so bright without one more unexpected beast from the HANDFUL OF HATE label: namely, the second album from Argentinian true black metal visionaries GENUFLEXIÓN, Apoteosis Fallida!


Posted on February 01 2019


The full length is lyrically a paranormal and sci-fi themed concept album with influences from classic heroes such as Kreator, Slayer, Death along with next-generation thrash and heavy metal such as Havok and Skull Fist. FFO- Kreator, Slayer, Death


Posted on February 01 2019

Cleaning Women "Intersubjectivity"

The cleaning robots return with their first album in ten years. Cleaning Women, with their DIY instruments, release a new album on Svart Records on February 15th. Titled Intersubjectivity, the album has been mixed by Einstürzende Neubauten’s Alexander Hacke, which has resulted in the band’s curiously original approach to music sounding more organic than ever.


Posted on February 01 2019

Demon Head "Hellfire Ocean Void"

Hellfire Ocean Void is composed by eight songs that unfold themselves effortlessly perfect in the tension between a delicate sense of composition and the uncompromising urgency with which the five musicians deliver the performance of each song. FOR FANS OF= Green Meteor,Rozamov,Telekinetic Yeti,Sun Blood Stories


Posted on January 31 2019

Bravo Delta is slated to release their first full length album Unbreakable on February 1st, 2019.

This new album and single is three years in the making and features the best material we’ve ever created. Being broken, disconnected, kicked to the ground…and still having the will to get up, fight, and learn from it is the spirit of Unbreakable. And I think you can feel that in the music, the artwork, and everything about this new album" says Brandon Davis. Bravo Delta was formed in 2011 and is comprised of Brandon Davis (vocals/guitar), Andy Ingraham (guitar), Brian Scott (drums), and Roman (bass). ffo= Desolate the Few,The All Togethers,Reclaim The Sky and Franks and Deans


Posted on January 31 2019

Interstellar Duo NEORHYTHM Release Cover of Death's "Crystal Mountain"

Interstellar duo NEORHYTHM have released a new digital single, a cover of DEATH's "Crystal Mountain." The original song appears on DEATH's 1995 album Symbolic.


Posted on January 31 2019

SCUMRIPPER reveal first track from HELLS HEADBANGERS debut

Today, metalpunk power-trio Scumripper reveal the new track "Nuns 'n Doses." The track is the first to be revealed from the band's highly anticipated debut album, All Veins Blazing, which is slated for international release later this spring via Hells Headbangers on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats. Hear Scumripper's "Nuns 'n Doses" in its entirety HERE at Hells Headbangers' official YouTube channel. FFO-Hunok,Hellboozer Union,Deathspawned Destroyer


Posted on January 31 2019

Steel Mammoth "Poison Abyss "

Steel Mammoth Poison Abyss digital single Ektro 21 January 2019 Surprisingly soon after their second SMASH HIT SYNTHWAVE SINGLE, "Armageddon Time All the Time," the radiation warriors drop another SWOFHM-bomb on the burning ruins of human civilization. FOR FANS OF=Pharaoh Overlord,Arkhamin Kirjasto and Ville Pirinen


Posted on January 31 2019

THETAN Major impending second full-length album= Abysmal

Nashville, Tennessee hardcore/powerviolence duo THETAN delivers a new single from their impending second full-length, Abysmal, nearing release via Anti-Corporate Music next week. The brutalizing new single, "Put Out To Pasture," has been premiered through an exclusive at prime hardcore/punk blog No Echo alongside an interview with the band.


Posted on January 29 2019

BLACKGUARD Announce New Album "STORM" Coming In 2019

Seminal Canadian melodic death/folk metal band BLACKGUARD announces their first show in over four years as well as their plans to independently release their long-awaited fourth studio album "STORM" in 2019 to follow their 2011 full length "Firefight" on Victory Records and 2009's "Profugus Mortis" released on Sumerian and Nuclear Blast. FFO- Epica, Sabaton, Deicide, Finntroll


Posted on January 29 2019


Portuguese heavy metal battalion RAVENSIRE has entered Studio 13 in Lisbon to begin work on their third full-length album, A Stone Engraved In Red. The album will be engineered once again by Paulo 'Paulão' Vieira and is due next summer via Cruz Del Sur Music. FFO= Midnight Priest, Iron Sword, Demon Bitch


Posted on January 29 2019

ANGEL BLACK will be releasing their debut record "Killing Demons"

Rising out of Phoenix, Arizona, ANGEL BLACK will be releasing their debut record "Killing Demons" via Rockshots Records. As the band blasts into their first single "Black Heart", one thing is clear, nothing is subtle about ANGEL BLACK. Big sound and melody set the mood for this classic heavy metal band. ANGEL BLACK doesn't look to re-invent heavy metal, they clearly go after their fans with an aggressive assault for the ages.


Posted on January 29 2019

"Necrogosto" Nuclear War Now!

As one of its first atrocities of 2019, Nuclear War Now! is pleased to present the cassette reissue of Necrogosto´s self-titled demo from 2017 for distribution in the Americas and Asia. Hailing from São Paulo, Necrogosto carries on the tradition of early Brazilian deathcore as it was originally established by bands in the Minas Gerais scene of the late 1980s and as it was propagated to the rest of the world by Cogumelo Records. This demo exhibits the same primitive and feral sound pioneered by Necrogosto’s compatriots in Sarcófago, Expluser, Sextrash, Necrófago, and others of a similar ilk. However, unlike many contemporaries who have tried and failed to recapture the sound of their ancestors, this debut demo could easily be mistaken as an unearthed relic from that very same time and place. Originally self-released by the band in very limited numbers and later by a small Polish label, Nuclear War Now! aims to call appropriate attention to a band who proves that authenticity in its vision and craft can overcome the usual constraints of time that so often leave an iconic sound buried in history. FFO= Mayhem, Venom, Cradle of Filth

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