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Goat Of Mendes
Band members
Marco - Guitars, Bass & Vocals F.T. - Live-Bass Larz - Guitars Surtur - Grim & Clean Lead Vocals Ralle - Drums Maia - Grim & Clean Female Vocals


The Circle has closed again!

After four years of struggling with various problems, German Pagan Metallers GOAT OF MENDES now finally released their third album, aptly entitled THRICEFOLD! Though deemed dead already by supporters and enemies alike, the ambitious Pagans make their return far stronger than ever. Following up their previous releases HYMN TO ONE ABLAZE (Invasion/Perverted Taste 1996), TO WALK UPON THE WICCAN WAY (Perverted Taste 1997) and the Demotape PAGANBORN (self-financed, 1998), the new album continues with all the trademarks, GOM were able to establish the years before, but sets them on a far higher level. Having produced the album on their own account (Mendes Music), the band found in Source Of Deluge Records / Bellaphon the appropiate distributor to spread the Pagan message as far as possible!
Prepare for an atmospheric journey through Paganism and mythology with the band and enjoy a thrilling mix of aggressive but always melodic twin-guitar attacks, fast-forward drumming and variable vocals performed by three different throats. Musically somewhere in-between blackish aggression and the spirit of the glorious eighties, occasionally spiced up with bits of Folk, the best description for this professionally recorded output is quite easy:


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