heavy metal

Urgehal Bio

Band members
Enzifier - Guitar Trondr Nefas - Vocals / Lead Guitar Sregroth - Bass Uruz - Drums

symphonic black metal
black metal

Here comes grim perfection from Norway's latest Black Metal sons of Satan quartet… Featuring ex-KVIST members, and current members of VULTURE LORD, CREST OF DARKNESS, ASMEGIN, FORGOTTEN REALMS, and BLOODSWORN! Definitely on the uncompromisingly heavy, yet still-frosty end of the black metal brutality scale.
Sick raw Black Metal. No Keyboards, no frills, no love. Just pure cold Black Metal from Norway. Originally released in 1999. Southern Lord exposes North American Black Metal fans to Norwegians URGEHAL. Making "Through Thick Til Death" domestically available for the first time in America. This issue contains four (4) Live BONUS TRACKS that were not available on the original import from Poland! Total running-time equals a whopping 79 minutes! Expect an ambitious delivery from these evildoers!

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