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Hell Within
Band members
Isaias Martinez -guitar Brian "Bubba" Joyce - drums Tony Zimmerman - guitar Matt McChesney - vocals Joe "The Ham" Martinez - bass


"HELL WITHIN" is an aggressive five piece machine that rose from the depths of Lowell, MA. Making their mark locally under the name "TWYTCH". The band's first self titled LP, "TWYTCH", released in 2001, quickly gained them regional recognition. Their second EP "Hatred" released in 2003 proved to be nothing short of a mixture of styles that brought them to where they are today. The EP received great reviews from such web sites as, and The EP shows a mature mix of exactly where their perfected sound has taken them, a heavy, hard hitting, driving force of powerful aggression.

After an extensive amount of touring, press, on-line exposure and high volume sales through out New England and the East Coast of the United States they finally caught the attention of Lifeforce Records.
"TWYTCH" felt everything was falling into place however the name no longer fit.
The band collectively agreed that they had out grown the name having become more brutal, technical and abrasive. After weeks of deliberation they unanimously agreed upon the name "HELL WITHIN", which better fit their music as well as their personalities.

Now, "Hell Within" has a fresh start, a record label and the opportunity to spread like a disease throughout the world. The band is ready to embark on this long road and one thing is for certain; the world will know the name "HELL WITHIN."

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