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Ghost Machinery
Band members
Pete Ahonen - Vocals, Guitars Tapsa Pelkonen - Bass Guitar Jussi Ontero - Drums, Keyboards


Pete Ahonen, vocalist & guitar-player of Burning Point, an artist from Limb Music, formed GHOST MACHINERY in 2002. He felt that he had to start a new band besides Burning Point because he had so much great music written. Pete didn't want to abandon the songs that don't suit to Burning Point so GHOST MACHINERY was the solution.

Pete contacted Tapsa Pelkonen, the bass player of Wildcard, and Tapsa was willing to work with him. Tapsa asked Wildcard's drummer & keyboardist Jussi Ontero to join the group and he did. So, in September 2003 they recorded a promo-CD with 5 tracks to show their music to some labels only. Lucky, Sound Riot was the first label chosen by them. In November 10, after short negotiations, they signed a record deal to 2 full-length albums with Sound Riot.

GHOST MACHINERY are a Power Metal band, it's melodic and symphonic yet heaviness. If even Pete is one of the main minds behind Burning Point, GHOST MACHINERY differs in the music and vibe totally. The neo-classical elements are saw here clearly, but every song features a different atmosphere, it can to be a double-bass drum fast, a kind of epic mid-tempo, a heavy fantasy passage, and something traditional that lead us to the Malmsteen's old age. The Pete's voice is pretty nice and of course, there is a lot of amazing solos guitars!

Their debut album will be recorded in a couple of different sessions at Tonebox Studios until end of the year. The album will feature 12 or 13 songs and more a cover song for "Out in the Fields" of Gary Moore. Some song titles are: Temple Of Gold, Down In Flames, Darkest Hour, In Your Dreams and, Evil Within Us. The album is still untitled and there isn't an exact date for the release.

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