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Grave Bio

Band members
Ola Lindgren - guitar/vocals Jonas Torndal - guitar Fredrik Isaksson - bass Pelle Ekegren - drums

death metal

Sweden's death metal godfathers GRAVE offer up their sixth rage-incited blast of carnal viciousness. Returning with their wicked moshpit inspiring hooks and low-frequency sonic attack, Fiendish Regression crashes down with sledgehammer ferocity. After repeated releases and multiple tours that have inspired a generation of death metal bands and fans, GRAVE deliver a release that will re-inspire those same bands and a new generation of fans. Historically recording at Sunlight Studios, GRAVE have ventured to Abyss Studios (Hypocrisy, Amon Amarth) working with producers Tommy (Marduk, The Forsaken) and Peter Tägtgren (Dimmu Borgir, Immortal) to record this bludgeoning tumultuous album that ventures into the heart of aggression. The core members remain the same: founding member, vocalist/guitarist Ola Lindgren at the helm, Jonas Trondal on guitar (having played bass on early recordings), and Fredrik Isaksson (ex-Therion) on bass. New blood Pelle Ekegren (Coercion), who toured Europe in 2002 with GRAVE, herein makes his recording debut. Renowned Polish artist Jacek Wisnieswki (Maduk, Malevolent Creation) has completed the vicious assault with eye-catching cover art

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