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Crionics Bio

Band members
Waran - vocals, guitars Vac-v - synth Darkside - drums


In early 2004, Candlelight introduced new signing Crionics to the world via their debut, Human Error: Ways of Self Destruction. Metal Bite said, "tight production, superior drumming and guitar work that could give Old Man's Child a hangover." Metal Observer adds, "though I'm sure the best is yet to come, Human Error... has succeeded in establishing Crionics as a band worth keeping a eye on." On March 8, the Polish metallers return.
With recording duties split between Cracow Lynx and Hertz Studios (Decapitated), tracks for Armageddon Evolution were laid down during the summer of 2004. Near 60 minutes of newly penned blackened compositions, the band's sophomore recording is exactly the album they need to elevate them in the extreme metal stakes. Containing the band's stellar remake of "The Loss and Curse of Reverence (hail Emperor!), the album is an impressive leap that will have both new and growing fans applaud.
Formed in 1997, Crionics originally found release only in their native country. But the buzz would not be contained for long. Beyond the Blazing Horizon, the band's first mini-recording was recorded in 2000. Shortly after release widespread touring, with the likes of Vader and Behemoth, among others, would keep the band active as their European profile began to grow. It would be in 2002 that the band, with writing in full swing for their debut, would find the interest of London-based Candlelight Records. Human Error: Ways to Self Destruction upon release was hailed by England's Terrorizer, Metal Maniacs, Poland's Thrash 'Em All and countless others; the album found worldwide audience resulting in a new jewel added to Poland's growing and influential metal crown. Armageddon is near...

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