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Morior Ergo Sum
Band members
Ángel del Castillo: Guitars Jose M. López: Guitars Raúl Fernández: Drums Javier Salas: Vocals Isaac Rodríguez Ruiz: Bass Fingal McLafferty: Keyboards


In December 2001, under the name of "Blacklash", in Linares (Jaén) a studio band project was born, formed by Isaac Rodríguez Ruiz (bass) and Antonio M. Molina Corpas (keyboards), both of them ex members of "Marenostrum". In Blacklash, they found support in some close session musicians, to make a record that could be named as Melodic Dark Death Metal.
With the course of time, both decided to give life breath to this band, and in August of the same year "Morior Ergo Sum" (from the Latin "I die, then I live") was born.

In Granada, and in early October, Pedro Pérez Catedra (drums) -of the band "Servicio a domicilio"-, joined the band; and a little later, Jorge D. Parada (guitars) -ex "B-12"- did the same. By this time, Morior Ergo Sum begun to walk its first steps.
In March, they decided to search for a new vocal, with a darker voice tone, then in early April Javier Salas Ferrer joined the band as new vocalist, coming from bands as "Blood of Fate" .

Today, and after many member changes, until a month ago; the band has been definitively conforme
Until today, Morior Ergo Sum has given a lot of underground concerts; being the last one at C.M. Ysabel la Católica with Verónica's Aggressive State, realized the 21-11-02, one of the most important; or the one at El Tren play-house, at Granada, together with Estigia, with a great acceptation (31-06-03). Reviews of this last concert can be found at "Lord Metal" (fanzine underground). It also can be found commentaries and interviews with the band at webs as, where there is a comment about the demo we sent to you (Sine Nomine); anyways, this demo is obsolet now, because of the time that has passed since the theme's composition until their recording (a few weeks). However, here could be found a good sample of the terms in which the band walks now.

There can be found, also, interviews and commetaries at,,, black templars, or the webzines Infest's Magazine and Bloody-zine, .
The band's musical style, though could be qualified as melodic black metal, has so many influences, from classic metal, passing for the death metal, to the most atmospheric gothic. Dark atmospheres, great keyboard orchestations and slapping riffs, they work together into everyone of the MES' songs. The lyrics are based as in the personal sensations before vital anguish situations and contemplative impotence, as in human kind's natural and spiritual values devastation, or even in the attraction for the life's dark side.
MES's aspirations are the total musical growth of the members, and the maximum revealing of their music. Morior Ergo Sum lives by and for music and concerts, since everyone of the members have been chosen most carefully, looking to the positive band's growth. That's why MES looks for serious people to work with, and could reach a maximum musical growth and development

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