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Michael 'Miron' Chirva Naturelle Chirva Nikolay Kazmin Victoria Koulbachnaja Vanoe Mayoroff


TVANGESTE was founded in August 1996, when Miron advertised for a group creation. After a long search, in May 1998 the structure was finally generated. From that time, Tvangeste consisted of:

Miron - guitar, vocals.
Founder of the band. Talented slogger with the great ability to create striking melodies. Always tries to find a new fresh sound for Tvangeste's music...

Nicholay Kazmin (ex-OBSESSION) - guitar.
One of the most serious problems in the Tvangeste development was the problem to find a guitar player in Kaliningrad capable of combining the storm speed and melodic minds. With the arrival of Nicholas rhythmic part of Tvangeste, the music changed drastically.

Victoria - keyboards. In the autumn of 1998 in Tvangeste comes keyboarder Victoria, playing in Dis Pater (doom) and Romowe Rikoito (gothic). She is a very professional musician with extraordinary feeling heavy, gloomy music. She has brought a lot of new ideas and atmosphere in Tvangeste's music.

Vanoe - bass. After a long time with having no bassist has came young, energetic and talented guitar player Vanoe (ex-DIVERSION (death)...

In the beginning of 1998 at two studios (DG Sound and Brudenia Rec.) was recorded our single "Blood Dreams" and demo "Thinking...". The first experience in recording has received good responses and reviews in the Russia and CIS countries. After that time, Tvangeste have decided, that frequent concerts are not necessary.

Band began our promotion in the spring of 1998, our manager has met the director of "Apostrophe" (the official Century Media representative in Russia). He made an offer to Tvangeste - producing and releasing the first CD with abroad distribution.

Tvangeste also received an invitation to take part in a September Cradle of Filth concert in Moscow but an economy crisis in Russia crushed that idea. Then "Apostrophe" refused production on uncertain terms... It was a really black line in Tvangeste's history but from that time band's development grows without any crisis and problems.

In January of 2000 Tvangeste have finished our half-year work under our debut album "Damnation of Regiomontum". This full size 50 min album contains 5 tracks. Classical instruments, nice female voice and aggressive speed guitars. It's hard to describe music by words. The style of the Tvangeste's music is a kind of melodic symphonic black metal but made by original way. This album was sold more than 5000 copies in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Many Russian magazines, radios and labels have recognized Tvangeste as the best black metal band of 2000 year.

In 2001 Tvangeste have signed a contract with norwegian label VALGALDER RECORDS for two albums. Valgalder re'released "Damnation of Regiomontum" for World wide. For Tvangeste it was a great step into the future. There were tons of great reviews. Album was played on many radio stations from all over the world. Valgalder did a great work for Tvangeste's promotion. Band was interviewedby the greatest magazines of Europe, South and North Americas and Asia. Licensing on "Damnation of Regiomontum" was bought by Mexican and **** labels. In june 2001 well known British magazine Live For Metal gave a "Band of the Month" award to Tvangeste.

In the March of 2001 Naturelle(Miron's wife) joined the band as a keyboardist. Later her excellent abilities brought a great part of new, fresh melodies...

In the beginning of 2001 Miron and Naturelle began the new album creation. It was a horrible long work...months of laborious work. They decided to create not just a "Damnation of Regiomontum" sequel but something more professional, much powerful, really interesting, fresh and new. Baltic Symphony Orchestra was hired for this recording. It was amazing work with the professional people. Naturelle and Katya (first violin in the orchestra) created all scores for each instrument. 300 sheets of notes! Also Prussian Chamber Choir took a part in the recording session. With their greatest help Tvangeste got a lot of dramatic vocal moments in the songs. It was the first experience for Tvangetse to work with professional musicians and this collaboration helped Tvangeste to find their unique style of playing metal music.

All lyrics for this album are the one tale based on ancient Prussian legend continuing from song to song. The album was recorded at two studios: well-known Polish metal studio SELANI (Vader, Behemoth, Lux Occulta, Christ Agony, Decapitated, Dies Irae) and TV4 Studios from Koenigsberg. Valgalder Records hired a virtuoso session drummer from Polish band DOMINIUM Cezar Mielko.

There were great complications (sometimes even incomprehensible things) during recording sessions, but at last in February 2002 the new album entitled "FireStorm" was finished. Because of those troubles the album release was delayed ONE YEAR! In November of 2002 Valgalder Records sold all rights of this album to a big Japanese metal label WORLD CHAOS PRODUCTION.

In December 2002 Tvangeste have signed a contract with World Chaos for "FireStorm" release. At last! Septhember the 1st - Album's out!. So long awaited release date! There are two versions of "Firestorm" available now: usual jewel case CD and limited edition of Digipacks (with absolutely different design and TVANGESTE symbol sticker). Album is available in many music stores on all continents.

After only one month from teh release date "Firestorm" got the top places in different metal chjarts from all over the world's metal magazines and radios! Sales are goinf just great! Restocked three times on RED STREAM and FOUR TIMES on another North American metal monster DARK SYMPHONIES!

Many world's metal magazines have recognized TVANGSTE's "Firestorm" as "one of the best metal creations ever that will remain in world's metal history for ages" !!!! Critics that "Firestorm" got so far are just awesome!

TVANGESTE attracted METAL MIND's (the biggest Polish metal label) attention. Polish guys have licensed "FireStorm" for Poland and Germany. One of the biggest Russian metal labels CD MAXIMUM have licensed "Firestorm" for Russian Federation and CIS countries + Baltic Countries. CD will be released up to the end of October 2003. WORLD CHAOS are negotiating with Mexicans and Americans about license deals.

We are looking forward to get fresh news since it's just beginning....

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