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Band members
Nergal - guitars/vocals Orion - bass Inferno - drums

death metal
black metal
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The furious intensity of the Eastern beast struck the world in mid 1991, set up by Nergal, the main man behind the band. Started in three piece line-up behemoth started their unearthly voyage with a couple of demos, the most significant of which was the second one, 'From the pagan vastlands' (1993), showing the potential of the main composer/writer.
Signing with a minor Italian company Entropy rec. the band had the chance to record their debut release, a mini album titled 'And the forests dream eternally' (1994) followed by the full length on the Polish underground label Pagan rec.

'Sventevith (storming near the Baltic)' gained a positive responses world wide and eventually saw the band moving on to a new deal with German label Solistitium. Rec., for which they recorded the second album 'Grom'. This is probably the most controversial release so far, due to its many different influences, using female vocals as well as acoustic guitars and synth. This was also the time when behemoth finally got a chance to tour around Europe, gaining stage experience as well as positive feedback from the crowds.

Then the time came to record third album, titled 'Pandemonic Incantations', which saw the precious aid of new members, especially the very talented drummer Inferno.

After another extensive and rewarding tour, in the fall of 1998 signed a two albums deal with Italy's Avantgarde Music. The first output of this new collaboration was the highly successful album 'Satanica': Longlasting feedbacks covered 'Satanica' with 'gold awards' even one year after its release date (the album was licensed in the USA in Summer 2000!). The label also secured the band with two very effective European tours in support to DEICIDE and another to SATYRICON.

The latest masterpiece is the logic follow-up to 'Satanica', although unpredictable in all its smallest details. Massive guitar parts and a most precise drumming, as well as influences from different sources, will show that Behemoth are there to offer something really varied and innovative once again. 'Thelema.6' is a complete album with characteristic fierce brutality and speed. It has also the most essential ingredient: creativity. Behemoth goes on searching for new dimensions both musically and lyrically. Splendid arrangements and technical invention on individual compositions made this album an ultimate one for Black/death metal genre.
Lyrically once again Nergal and his partner in poetry Krzysztof Azarewicz offered again something of a very sophisticated, intimate and profound obscurity.

'Thelema.6' has been massively supported in the press and media all over the world. As usual album was licensed for the United States area to Olympic rec. and for the first time in their career the album was officially out in Russia by Irond Rec. as well in Brazil by Moira rec. New songs were also already experienced live during European tour X-MASS FESTIVALS in December 2000 e.v., in support to Morbid Angel. Behemoth invaded their eastern neighbours (Russia, Belarus, Latwija) in February 2001 e.v. being maniacally welcomed by the public.

The future of 'Thelema' authors looks very bright in long perspective. Having done a few prestigious Summer festivals like Wacken, Mind Over Matter or Eurorock among others the band is preparing themselves for headlining European tour with Carpathian Forest and Khold. This autmn the band will also hit stages in Poland with Krisiun and invade Great Britain in support to Nile. In the meantime Behemoth is slowly completing songs for the 6th opus with is supposed to be record around April next year.

Quoting Nergal life's maxim 'RESTING IS NOT FOR THE CONQUERORS' we can be sure of many surprises to come in very near future...

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