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Suffocation Bio

Band members
Josh Barohn : Bass
Doug Cerrito : Guitar
Terrance Hobbs : Guitar
Frank Mullen : Vocals
Mike Smith : Drums


The year is nineteen hundred and ninety eight, and the musical terrorists better known as SUFFOCATION have once again captured what is sure to be metal's most extreme moment. As most bands of this genre insist of rehashing, recycling, and reproducing the same material time and time again with little or no conviction, Long Island, New York's SUFFOCATION have returned with the most extreme, and accomplished material to see the light of day. Despise The Sun, packed with all the trademark heaviness and aggression that SUFFOCATION fans have grown to cherish, will surely spawn a new landmark in extreme music.

Once again SUFFOCATION hooked up with legendary producer/engineer Scott Burns for the recording of Despise The Sun. Recorded at New York's Cove City Sound Studio's and mixed at Morrisound Studios, in Tampa, FL, during the later part of 1997 Despise The Sun has captured the pure energy and essence of SUFFOCATION through an impeccable production.

Following the release of 1995's Pierced From Within, the band embarked on successful tours of Europe, Canada, Mexico and the United States, playing to thousands and enjoying increasing album sales. After the tours however, it became eminent that drummer Doug Bohn would step down and give way to former Malevolent Creation drummer Dave Culross. The band states that the split was amicable and was to due a change in direction.

After forming in 1990, SUFFOCATION quickly released their 3-song debut Reincremation. Within weeks of it's existence came the interest of many labels who wanted to claim stake to the next SUFFOCATION album. The band chose to release it's follow-up, Human Waste through Nuclear Blast/Relapse Records in 1991. SUFFOCATION then headed over to Roadrunner Records where they would see the release of the now classic Effigy Of The Forgotten (1991), Breeding The Spawn (1993), and Pierced From Within (1995).

After the release of Pierced From Within the band spent the remainder of the year expanding their fan base through extensive touring. The end of this tour would also see the split between SUFFOCATION and Roadrunner Records. The band remained focused, signing to Vulture Records, and continued to pen new material for what would become Despise The Sun.

The result......the most extreme album the world has ever known -

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