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Eyehategod Bio

Band members
Joe LaCaze - crash course in hallucinogenic weaponry
Brian Patton - squelching volume-knob patterns
Vince LeBlanc - deconstruction of low-end negativity
Michael Williams - laryngitis self-destruction blues and stolen property
Jim Bower - static from frayed tube amp wiring


If there ever were a more outspoken and intolerant group than EYEHATEGOD, they have yet to surface in this world. The southern quintet took the heavy seed of Black Sabbath and cultivated it with a dash of crusty punk and a favoritism for sense-numbing intoxicants, allowing them to unleash their 1993 debut album, In The Name Of Suffering, on an unsuspecting public. The reaction was a mixture of astonishment, disgust and worship, basically people were loving it. The swelling continued, and the festering smoke became more intense and ugly on their follow-up Take As Needed For Pain. It quickly became apparent that EYEHATEGOD were not looking for any favors or pity, and definitely weren't interested in what the "average" person had to say or think about the concoction that they were purveying, to them it was just natural. Tours ensued alongside bands such as Corrosion Of Conformity, Godflesh and Napalm Death, allowing them to take their carnival of self-loathing on the road. Meanwhile guitarist Jimmy Bower spent time (and still does) drumming for two other bands, Crowbar and Down (alongside Philip Anselmo of Pantera); vocalist Michael D. Williams served as the Associate Editor and contributor to Metal Maniacs magazine; and guitarist Brian Patton released an album through his still-current side band Soilent Green. Their third album, Dopesick (produced by Billy Anderson with help from C.O.C./Down member Pepper Keenan), showed Williams to be a voice of the broken and downtrodden, and EHG served as a hostile response to the manufactured angst of today's brooding rock stars. Spring of 1997 saw EYEHATEGOD unleash their war on thousands of untarnished ears as they toured the US supporting Pantera and White Zombie, a vile combination that is still talked about to this day. As Dopesick began to gain notoriety and attention so did the band, and soon it seemed like just about everyone had at least heard the name EYEHATEGOD, as evident in the number of bands that began borrowing from the band's toxic sound and attitude. During the band's tenure with Century Media, several single and 7" recordings have been released on small and obscure labels, and Southern Discomfort manages to collect these hard-to-find gems (including those from the highly-collectable Ruptured Heart Theory 7" and both of their split 7"s with the band 13) along with extremely rare studio out-takes that include alternate versions of classic EHG dirges. As the world waits for the next hypodermic dose of new EYEHATEGOD material, the addiction is prolonged with Southern Discomfort. The world looks quite different through the eye of a needle, EYEHATEGOD is contamination through music...

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