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Dismember Bio

Band members
Fred Estby: Drums
David Blomqvist: Guitars
Matti Karki: Vocals
Sharlee D'Angelo: Bass Guitar
Magnus Sahlgren: Guitar


Two years and a plethora of mediocre death metal releases later, the mighty DISMEMBER, Stockholm's panders of only the most extreme in brutal music, have returned pimping the fruit of their latest labor of savagery. Hate Campaign, a foreboding mesh of crushing riffs, bombastic drum beats and subtle jabs of melody, is clearly a classic in the making.

Founded in 1988, DISMEMBER were among those responsible for the death metal revolution of the early '90's. Their 1991 debut, Like An Everflowing Stream, unveiled a band of unrelenting heaviness, musical structure and unabridged power. The LP hurled the band into the bowels of cult stardom with fans springing up across the globe. Extensive touring, including opening slots for Death and Cannibal Corpse, illustrated a troupe of musicians who's convulsive death metal mastery traveled far beyond the mere running-time of their records. There was something in the band's live performance that left fans blood-thirsty and feigning for more.

Originally focused on the creation of a second full length, the band opted to release the 5-song EP, Pieces and head straight for the road again. Sharing bills this time with the likes of Napalm Death and Obituary throughout Europe, the EP helped reinforce their status as one of the most cogent live bands of all time. DISMEMBER's sophomore full length, Indecent and Obscene, furnished a sound more mature than the last set of tunes without compromising their already acclaimed brand of extremities. This was the LP that would take the band to America for the first time, ripping through the country's metal club circuit like an angry pit bull in heat before returning home to take part in the first ever Nuclear Blast Festival tour with lablemates Hypocrisy, Amorphis and Benediction.

The band continued to prosper with every release thereafter, Hate Campaign is clearly the band's most structured and wholly combative release to date. Exemplifying their technical tendencies while carrying on their torch of irate brutality, Hate Campaign is sure to destroy!

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