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The Insurgence Bio

The Insurgence
Band members
Jibo Barrow - Lead Vox Mikey Time Bomb - Guitar/Vox Josh Sinder - Drums/Vox Justin McCawley - Bass/Vox Johnny Reed - Guitar/Vox

punk metal

The Insurgence are a Punk/Thrash/Hardcore band formed in Seattle, Washington in 2004. The Insurgence started out playing local shows in the gutters of Seattle. They got some lucky breaks and opened for Rancid, Circle Jerks, Zeke, Bad Brains, GBH, DOA, Poison Idea, Misfits, Dwarves, Casualties. They released an EP on SoCal label Basement Records produced by the legendary Jack Endino, followed by tours with Lower Class Brats and even Dropkick Murphys.
In 2010 they released thier full length debut on Digital Warfare Records in the USA and on Razorblade Music in Europe.

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