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Gravehill Bio

Band members
Mike Abominator - Vocals BodyBag Bob - Guitar Zyklon-A - Guitar J. Corpsemolestor - Bass Thorgrimm - Drums

black metal

"Metal of Death / The Advocation of Murder and Suicide" is the debut of Southern California's True Death Metal Messiahs… GRAVEHILL! This release includes re-recorded versions (originally released by METAL HORDE PRODUCTIONS 07’) of the hymns "A Promise Made in Heresy", "Purifier of Flesh" and "Ravager" as well as the 2 part hymnal appropriately titled "The Advocation of Murder & Suicide". GRAVEHILL are the decibel equivalent of a knife across the throat, a hammer to the temple and the deliverance to how Death Metal is meant to be played!

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