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Andy Sylvester - Guitar, Vocals Matt Sylvester - Drums

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MORBIUS came into being in August of 1990 as their first joint effort – a cover of SODOM's "Nuclear Winter" – had just been completed. Formed by brothers Andy and Matt Sylvester (guitar and drums respectively) and bassist / vocalist Jason Weir, they began writing original material and recruited V. Bee Somphone (guitars) to add depth to their maturing sound.

As the original material became cohesive, the theme of the band began to evolve, and influences more numerous. Bands such as ENTOMBED, CORONER, GRAVE, and RUSH give one an idea of where the signature sound of MORBIUS comes from. MORBIUS became a band of varied riff writing – from doom to speed - but the lyrical essence of the music always maintained an evil, metaphysical, extra-solar theme.

By 1993, MORBIUS had recorded two demos ("Realm" – 1991 and "The Shades Below" – 1992) and performed live shows, a step that gave the band confidence and credibility in the local underground scene. Songs like "Encoffination", "Tapping the Vein", and “The Frost” were used on compilation CD’s, 7” singles, and for radio airplay. Overseas, MORBIUS was catching on through tape distribution and promotions, and momentum for bigger and better things was building.

In 1994, MORBIUS signed a deal to have "The Shades Below" released on Last World Records (USA); subsequently only 1,000 copies were pressed, and marketing for the disc was non-existent, allocating the innovative, yet obscure music to the belly of the underground. To the band, “The Shades Below” was behind them, as a new album had been recorded in the summer of 1994, and international interest had yielded a new contract with Cyber Music (The Netherlands).

Cyber Music released "AlienChrist" in 1995. This twelve song epic was the first material the band had recorded at a digital studio, and was the first non-deadline driven recording effort to date. “AlienChrist” was primarily new material, but re-records of “Mortal Realms” and "Remains of Jahveh" were included with the third act of the trilogy, “Thirst of the Heretic”. "AlienChrist" also unveiled a new, tighter, faster sound with more refined vocals. "Ghosts", “Inverted Baptism” and "Visitors from Within" encapsulate the still-strong lyrical themes of post-material experience and alien entities, but were also heavily skewed across the frequency palette by the stimulus of hallucinogenic drugs.

MORBIUS concentrated on live promotion for "AlienChrist", and did not record new material for some time due to several peripheral distractions. V. Bee Somphone left the band to enter a cocaine rehabilitation program, and their equipment had been stolen. Still, by 1999, there was enough new material to record, and MORBIUS had purchased new instruments.

"Sojourns Through the Septiac" was finished in March of 1999 at Oblivion Studios in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. This seven song concept album was the pinnacle of musical, lyrical and philosophical creativity for the band, each song, written word, and graphic of the packaging connecting to the central theme of reincarnation. At this time, the three remaining members had visited Egypt, and were well immersed in Hermetic philosophy, the clairvoyant writings of Jane Roberts, occult history, astronomy, Vedic mythology, and paradoxical physics. The "Septiac" as referenced in the title of the work is a Hermetic key linking seven signs of the zodiac to the process of unlocking one's soul from the cage of mortality and prophesizing the end of the physical universe. Samples of their occult literary research are listed on the packaging next to the lyrics, to give the reader / listener a clue to the mysteries enshrined within "Sojourns Through the Septiac".

The organism that is MORBIUS began to change soon after "Sojourns Through the Septiac" was mastered to CD. Personal differences divided the members, and Jason Weir left the band in September of 2001. Andy and Matt Sylvester persevered as a two piece, determined to record the newest material that was still unreleased, and by 2002 MORBIUS had three new songs poised for recording.

"Trismegistus", a three song EP, was recorded in the fall of 2002, the tracks again being laid at Oblivion Studios. This work without a doubt is the most professional sounding recording of MORBIUS. Aggressive, edgy, technical music was the result of the "Trismegistus" session, and featured the new vocal sounds of Andy Sylvester. "Akasic Oversoul", "Transit to Ether" and "In Corporeal Gnosis" are the triumvirate that comprise the EP. MORBIUS interwove themes similar to those on "Sojourns Through the Septiac" on this work, adding an appendix of sorts to their own Scroll of Hermetic Wisdom.

"Sojourns Through the Septiac" released soon on Non Compos Mentis / Storms Of Steel

MORBIUS is currently seeking the release of "Trismegistus". This work has ever been released to the public, yet masterful music exists within the confines of the few copies of this work. For details on releasing this recording use the contact information below.

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