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Black Moor Bio

Black Moor
Band members
Sylvain Coderre - Sins & Skins Rob Nickerson - Bass Eric Hanlin - Vocals/Guitars Nick Jones - Lead Guitar


Black Moor is a Halifax based heavy metal band composed of Eric Hanlin on guitar and lead vocals, Nick Jones on lead guitar, Sylvain Coderre on drums and Rob Nickerson on bass. These four started jamming together under the name Black Moor in late 2005, and since then have worked towards refining their sound and promoting the band. Heavily influenced by the new wave of British heavy metal, 80's thrash and some progressive rock, Black Moor plays melody driven metal that has often been likened to a cross between Iron Maiden and Megadeth. The boys have set august 1st as the unleashing of their long overdue first album entitled: "The Conquering" which is being released on Diminished Fifth Records.

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