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Mord Bio

Band members
Nordra - Guitar, Bass, Vocals Necrolucas - Drums

black metal

MORD was founded in 1999 and started out by Nordra, who recorded the first demo as a one man band in 2001.
In 2002 Nordra entered into the studio with the guitarist of Iuvenes to work out several tracks, but the work remained incomplete.
In August 2003 Necrolucas joined MORD as a drummer. Since that time, MORD has been continuously developing a style of uncompromising musical annihilation.
In February 2004 the first official release Unholy Inquisition (mcd) was recorded and the band signed a deal with Southern Lord Recordings. The first full-length album Christendom Perished was finished one year later and released in 2006. After this release the deal with Southern Lord expired and the band concentrated on composing new Opuses. Recording sessions for the second album Necrosodomic Abyss took place during the autumn of 2007, shortly thereafter MORD joined to the Osmose Productions.

War has been born!!!

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