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My Bitter End Bio

My Bitter End
Band members
Michael Ranne - Drums Todd Ranne - Guitar Shawn Jennings - Bass Tyler Guida - vox AJ Tompkins - guitar


2005 brought some pretty big changes to the MBE camp. They said goodbye to longtime friends stretch and jesse and welcomed tyler to the frontline and andrew to be the weilder of the right handed battleaxe. Not soon after we embarked on what some would call "an epic journey into the abyss of the unknown", but we call it tour. we slayed dragons and impaled serpents w/ our swords and alas, andrew would fall to the fire breathing seadragon and we are once again, forced to have to search for a new warrior but alas, sir AJ Tomkins, whom would lay down his new crown as king of the 4th tribe in the langorian hills, would pick up his left handed battleaxe and again they find themselves at the roundtable drinking frosty brews and preparing new weapons to spread fear across the land sometime soon. In other words , we are writing new songs and will play them soon hopefully.... they have two previously released cds entitled " a thin line between heaven and here" on innerstrength records, "painting the town red through the back of my head". They recorded their next full length record "the renovation" w/ jaime king @ the basement(between the buried and me,through the eyes of the dead, the classic struggle)in NC so be on the lookout for that in jan '07 on uprising records.

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