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Love Is Red Bio

Love Is Red
Band members
Adam - guitar Kyle - drums Hunter - vocals Roger - guitar Jeff - Bass


Love is Red started in Florence, AL in the summer of 2000. They soon recorded a demo and that caught the attention of quite a few people. Shortly after the band recorded their first full length, "All That's Ahead Points To Forever" which came out on Recorse Records and is now out of print. A year later the band recorded 4 new songs and released a split in the summer of 2002. After numerous tours and a few member changes, the band is now as solid as ever. Unfortunately the band does not have a "hometown" bassist, Jeff Yancey, drummer, Kyle Mims, and guitarist Roger Kilburn live in Nashville, TN, while guitarist Adam Riser lives in Florence, AL, and vocalist Hunter Weeks lives in Atlanta, GA. Love is Red blends straight forward hardcore with catchy melody and brutal breakdowns. Their lyrical content deals with everything from divorce, alchoholism, the hardcore scene, and relationships in general. The band is a straight edge band and tries to rise above alot of mediocre music, bands, and messages that plague the airwaves today. Love is Red has shared with stage with bands of all types such as Hatebreed, Thursday, Glassjaw, Cave In, American Nightmare, Terror, Finch, and Avail to name a few. They are geared up to be on the road full time with a debut full length on Stillborn Records in early 2004.

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