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The Risk Taken formed during the late summer and early fall months of 2003 with a strict purpose- to be the siren pleading with humanity at the end of time. Out of a passion to push for actual change and to rekindle the progressive social and political thought of the mid-90s hardcore/metal movement in which they grew up- Mark Choineire, Greg Thomas, Brendan Mannle, Sean Martin and Nate Moore created The Risk Taken. Featuring ex-members of With Honor (Stillborn Records), In Pieces (Escape Artist Records), and A Heart Fades Forever as well as current members of Zombie Apocalypse (Indecision Records) they used their collective experiences and talents to outlay a dark, melodic and overtly cryptic blueprint to the dead ends of mankind - the 4 song debut EP "End Commence". There is little that can stunt or delay the growth and drive of The Risk Taken from bringing their messages and music to everywhere they can with the urgency a band could only offer by fulling dedicating every aspect of their lives to it. The end is nigh. upcoming shows

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