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Matchbox Romance Bio

Matchbox Romance
Band members
Andrew Jordan - vocals, guitar Ryan DePaulo - guitar Ryan Kienle - bass Aaron Stern - drums


This summer the punk world met and fell for Poughkeepsie, NY's MATCHBOOK ROMANCE-only in real life, unlike Epitaph Records, who fell for 'em via the Internet.

The band's beginning dates back to 1997, with bassist Ryan Kienle and vocalist/guitarist Andrew Jordan working together in various bands. The band added a third guitarist, Ryan DePaolo in summer 2001, and drummer Aaron Stern shortly thereafter, calling themselves The Getaway. All of them being confessed computer geeks, not to mention poor (as musicians tend to be), they put their geekdom to use promoting the band. Kienle: "We were promoting our shows over punk sites and mailing lists and other bands' guestbooks and messageboards...putting our music up on all of that. We really pushed it hard."

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