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The Locust
Band members
Bobby Bray - Guitar/Vocals Joey Karam - Keyboards/Vocals Justin Pearson - Bass/Vocals Gabe Serbian - Drums


"Go tweak yourself to death, you rich, big-headed rock stars. You are nothing but a bunch of image-concerned ass-wipes. All of your side-projects suck. And I hope you guys realize the only reason any of your side-projects are big is because you're in The Locust. By signing on to Epitaph, you will just destroy your underground following, and the mainstream will not catch on. So, you'll just end up destroying The Locust. Not that I have a problem with that."

Such is the type of "fan-mail" flack The Locust catches from the various playerhaters, misguided elitists, and jealous scenesters of the punk/ indie rock world. This San Diego-based band has long been at the center of controversy due to everything from its much-discussed penchant for tight pants, rumors of druggie decadence or -- as one Chicago-based fanzine put it -- "ruining hardcore for fat kids."

But if you ask bassist/ singer Justin Pearson, his intentions are nothing but sincere.

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