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Band members
Jon Gula - vocals John Hodges - guitar/vocals Jeff Hydro - guitar John Gardner - bass John Pushnik - drums


Crossing the boundary that divides metal and hardcore isn’t anything new in this day and age, some of the most aggressive and angst-filled music to ever surface has taken shape at melding the two genres. >From mid-80’s forerunners like Agnostic Front and the Cro-Mags to late-90’s standouts Hatebreed and Snapcase, metal-core has spawned some of the most hard working and impacting bands. Since their inception thirteen years ago, TURMOIL have also lent a heavy and helping hand to the worlds of hardcore and metal. Formed in the Philadelphia area as a group of teenagers seeking to relieve some tension and kill their boredom, it didn’t take long for the talent and sound of the five individual’s to crystallize into a caustic mixture that quickly began turning heads. TURMOIL’s presence in the worldwide metal/hardcore scene was felt immediately uponn the release of their debut US full-length, From Bleeding Hands. The band continued to gain fans through word-of-mouth and their grueling tours with such acts as Snapcase, Earth Crisis and Madball. Hooking up with producer Steve Evetts (Snapcase, Deadguy) in 1997, TURMOIL forged out four new songs, which along with the band’s previous demo and 7-inch recordings became the Anchor full-length. Again hungry to portray their new wares to their fans, the band embarked on a few more tours, this time with the likes of Agnostic Front, Brutal Truth and Today Is The Day. The year 1999 found TURMOIL at their creative peak (at that time) as they unleashed the highly acclaimed album, The Process Of, to adoring fans and critics alike. Truly the record was a benchmark in the rapidly booming metalcore genre, laying the blueprint for countless acts to follow. Sadly the band called it quits while in support of the record after their final show at Hellfest 2000. With all the bands previous releases out of print, the demand was at a fever pitch to unleash those records back to their fans, old and new. Abacus Recordings is offering them something even better: a complete retrospective discography, titled Staring Back, featuring fully re-mastered recordings of TURMOIL’s entire back catalog, with three brand new songs in a special double CD package. The new songs were recorded at Skylight Studio’s in Philadelphia, PA with producer Vince Ratti (A Life Once Lost, Bury Your Dead) and artwork by Paul Romano (Mastodon, Dead To Fall). Recently reunited with new life and enthusiasm breathed into their lungs, TURMOIL is firing on all cylinders, vying to take the crown as metalcore champions. Surely no one will dare deny them

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