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Rorschach Test Bio

Rorschach Test
Band members
Aaron Slip: Guitar
James Baker: Vocals
Jason Kowalski: Drums
Troee: Programming/keyboards
Kris Cannella: Guitar


Rorschach Test is the creation of James Baker who conceived the band in Denver, Colorado during the early 1990s. A potent mixture of industrial, techno, and metal, RORSCHACH TEST defies format boundaries with its exploitation of grinding guitars and pulsating programming. The band can trace its roots back to Ministry and Skinny Puppy, but they offer a more unique brand of industrialized hard rock that spirals down an unexplored path of electronic wizardry and metallic guitars.

RORSCHACH TEST originally spawned from Baker's disillusionment with life when, after graduating from seminary school and working in a church, he was defrocked for heresy after questioning aspects of the church's rigid philosophical structure. Music quickly became an outlet for Baker to express his feelings and as a medium to connect with other disenchanted souls. After enlisting a guitar player and drummer, RORSCHACH TEST performed around the Denver area, but quickly outgrew the city's music scene. Encouraged by friends, the band moved to Seattle, Washington just as the city's grunge scene was taking the country by storm.

Seattle not only procured the band's first record contract, but it also witnessed RORSCHACH TEST achieve its most significant metamorphosis when Baker befriended programmer/keyboardist Troee. The son of a minister and raised in the same monastic lifestyle as Baker, Troee's digital concoctions and outlook on life completed Baker's vision of the band. Finally, a logo that mirrored the group's essence was adopted. The logo was inspired by an actual psychological exam developed by Herman Rorschach that uses an inkblot pattern to determine emotional disorders and analyzes personalities. The test doesn't measure answers as right or wrong, but records what the individual visualizes. RORSCHACH TEST's music and imagery, like the logo, is open to interpretation.

In 1996 RORSCHACH TEST released its debut independent CD, The Eleventh, which became a favorite in Seattle record stores and solidified the band as a regional headliner. It also captured the attention of Grammy award winning producer Neil Kernon (Queen/David Bowie/Judas Priest/) who worked on the band's second effort Unclean. Released on Slipdisc Records in 1998 Unclean yielded the single "Sex" which triggered national attention as the band's Berlin cover song received generous commercial radio airplay. While touring the U.S. to support Unclean the group shared the stage with Korn, Type O Negative, Ministry, Queensryche, and Genitorturers. When they returned home to Seattle, however, they learned that Slipdisc Records had closed its doors.

In late 1999, after mulling over several offers, RORSCHACH TEST signed with E-Magine Entertainment and began work on its next album, Peace Minus One. Produced by Neil Kernon, Peace Minus One boasts RORSCHACH Test's signature explosion with fierce analogue programming, brutal metallic hooks, and Baker's menacing vocals. Peace Minus One hit the stores shortly after the re-release of Unclean in April of 2000. Both CDs showcase strong-writing skills, like Unclean's sleeper hit "Satan" and Peace Minus One's "Spent," and are a testament to the continuous evolution of rock 'n' roll.

Armed with a fresh line-up including guitarist Aaron Slip, N17's guitarist Kris Cannella, and drummer Jason Kowalski, RORSCHACH TEST will claw their way into the hearts and minds of a worldwide audience. Despite devastating obstacles including crooked managers, broken contracts, drugs, death, and lineup changes, RORSCHACH TEST continues to surge forward conjuring up an intoxicating blend of metal and electronica which has established them as a the clear leader in the post-industrial movement.

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